Norway’s Seafood Industry Hooks Into IBM Blockchain

Norwegian seafood producers seek to prove high-quality and fully traceable fish products through blockchain.

Norwegian seafood industry association partners with IBM on blockchain. It can give Norway’s seafood industry a premium edge compared to other markets.

The Norwegian Seafood Association has entered into a partnership with IBM and Atea to establish a blockchain-based tracking system for salmon supply. The platform will confirm the quality of the product.

After successful testing of the blockchain, Norway’s largest salmon production companies are ready to actually use a platform based on the IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply, similar to the Food Trust platform at Hyperledger Fabric. The platform will detect fake salmon shipments, because there have already been cases of third party fish being passed off as a Norwegian product.

The system will monitor the entire life cycle of the product — from cameras installed in salmon ponds and temperature sensors to freezing conditions and fish transportation. Atea will provide the necessary equipment and training to Norwegian farms, while IBM remains responsible for platform development and support.

It should be noted that it is Norwegian seafood that is considered one of the best quality seafood in the world. In 2019, Norway exported about 2.7 million tons of seafood. The main consumers of the products are the USA, Russia and China.

CEO of the Norwegian Seafood Association Robert Eriksson:

“Norwegian seafood is known for its quality but we still do not have the ability to trace where the fish came from, how it was grown or how it was stored.”

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