Spanish researchers try to curb coronavirus spread with blockchain app

A new blockchain app developed by Spanish researchers aims to provide data to the world’s governments to better impose coronavirus quarantines.

As well as helping predict the spread of COVID-19, this new app could act as a digital version of government certificates permitting citizens to go to work or the store.

Blockchain and artificial intelligence can become one of the tools in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. At least this is hoped for by Spanish researchers developing the COVID-19 Pandemic Prediction and Quarantine Management application.

The initiative is supported by the Salamanca Institute for Biomedical Research, the University of Salamanca and the Research Institute of Artificial Intelligence.

The application will use a blockchain to store and verify digital identifiers and permits for individuals to perform certain tasks, such as commuting to work or visiting a supermarket during quarantine. Each person will be assigned a certificate written down in the blockchain and a private key to confirm their identity.

To predict future behavior of COVID-19 the app uses the Deep Intelligence AI platform, which summarizes information from news agencies and scientific journals with health data, and shares its analysis with officials and health professionals. The application can provide specific instructions to individuals and companies on how to minimize the spread of the virus.

The application is currently in the proof of concept stage. The researchers hope that their work will help to better understand and manage future pandemics.

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