Tesla is now more expensive than the whole Bitcoin market

Subtitle: Tesla stock rallied to $1208 and it’s market cap surged above Bitcoin’s to $224.05 billion.

This week, Tesla’s market cap eclipsed Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Elon Musk’s company market value is bigger than entire BTC mined supply.

The market value of Elon Musk’s company reached $224.05 billion, while the total price of all currently mined bitcoins does not exceed $168 billion.

On July 2, Tesla shares closed at $1208.66 with a total market capitalization of $224.05 billion, while the capitalization of Bitcoin, which is now traded at $ 9116, is $167.9 billion. There are several companies whose value exceeds the size of Bitcoin or the entire crypto market, such as Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook and Berkshire Hathaway.

Earlier Tesla CEO Elon Musk refuted rumors about working with the cryptocurrency Ethereum. Musk stressed that he does not have Buterin’s altcoin among his assets and he does not support it. Also in May, the billionaire responded to the creator of Harry Potter, Joan Rowling, who asked to explain what Bitcoin is.

The businessman wrote that the current policy of central banks and the growing supply of fiat currencies make the cryptocurrency more reliable “Internet money”. The founder of Tesla added that he still owns just 0.25 BTC.

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