Travel sites that accept cryptocurrencies

With Christmas approaching, here are some travel sites accepting crypto.

The list of the most popular travelling services that accept cryptocurrencies as a payment for their services.

Winter holidays are the best time for a vacation. However, sometimes a vacation trip can be a real headache considering all the hassle you have to go through. Fortunately, cryptocurrencies come to the rescue. To date, several major travel agencies have already accepted digital assets as payment for their services. The most popular of them are presented in the list below.

Alternative Airlines

Alternative Airlines is a flight-search website that offers ways to book flights from over 600 global airlines using a range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Ripple, USDT, UTK, and CRO. The online booking platform supports the growth of digital currencies and they’re on a mission to become the number one place to buy flights using cryptocurrencies.


The largest Spanish online travel agency, which has been operating since 2001, sells 600 airline tickets, train tickets, hotel reservations and car rental services for Bitcoin.

In January 2014, Destinia started accepting Bitcoin payments on its website thanks to its partnership with BitPay. Until a certain time, Bitcoin could not be used to pay for the tickets of low-cost companies. Now, as reported in the company’s blog, due to “growing demand”, Destinia has given its customers the opportunity to pay for low-cost airline tickets with Bitcoin.

According to the bureau, Bitcoin payments on its website are made almost every day. Cryptocurrency is particularly popular with the company’s customers in Spain, Germany, Argentina and Sweden.


New York-based travel company BTCTrip positions itself as a “travel agency for the community of cryptocurrency owners”. The online hotel reservation service was one of the first in its industry to appreciate the crypto community. BTCTrip has been operating since June 2013 as an alternative to the large company Expedia, which has not defined its attitude to Bitcoin. In addition to Bitcoin, it also works with Litecoin and Dogecoin.


Future Travel is a Vietnamese company established in 2011. It has 280 carriers worldwide and 400,000 hotels and resorts for real-time booking. On the main page of the site, in the upper right corner, you can choose the option of payment you are interested in, among the standard options is BTC.


California’s online booking site allows you to purchase airline tickets, book a hotel and rent a car. To pay with Bitcoin, you need to choose the appropriate payment option when ordering.


The site acts as an intermediary between the customer, air carriers and hotels. It is enough for the client to make a reservation on the site in bitcoins, and the company will pay for the tickets or hotel by itself using the standard currency to the direct seller of services.


Latvian national airline AirBaltic became the first airline in the world to accept Bitcoin digital currency as a payment for tickets to 60 destinations in Europe, the Middle East and Russia.
According to Martins Gauss, Executive Director of AirBaltic, the company is among the top 10 most innovative airlines in the world. The introduction of Bitcoin payment capabilities has become part of an innovative approach to service that focuses on the needs of our customers.

Ticket prices on the website are in euros. When paying for a ticket, the Bitcoin currency of AirBaltic customers is converted into euros at the current exchange rate. AirBaltic cooperates with the Bitpay service, which processes payments.

S7 Airlines

S7 Airlines launched a new ticketing solution based on Ethereum. In the current state of the platform, the counterparties are S7 Airlines and ticketing agents. The entire cycle of transactions, including the formation of a payment request, checking the sufficiency of funds in the account, writing off funds and updating the status, is performed by the system automatically. More than 100 air tickets have already been issued under the new scheme. This is the first project in which the infrastructure for making payments on a permanent basis has been created: from the ticket reservation system to the bank’s payment system.

The introduction of the Ethereum platform opened up opportunities for significant optimization of business processes both for the airline and its partners. The speed of settlements increased from 14 days to 23 seconds.

Far Eastern Air

Taiwan’s FAT Taiwan Inc., which owns the Far Eastern Air brand, recently announced that the company’s services can now be paid in cryptocurrency.

The President of the company, Zhang Gangway, noted that the “confident entry” of cryptocurrency into the everyday life of people sets a completely new level of service in the aviation, hotel and online business.

FAT aircrafts operate about 20 thousand flights to East and South-East Asia. Anyone can buy a ticket to China, Japan, Cambodia, the Philippines, South Korea and some Taiwanese cities for the cryptocurrency.

Surf Air

The airline, established in California in 2013, is known for an unusual scheme of payment for air tickets — the passenger does not pay for a single flight, but buys a subscription to use the carrier’s services at a certain time without limiting the number of flights. This can now be done with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Star Jets International

American company Star Jets International LLC provides business jets for rent for private flights. You can pay for VIP-flight with Bitcoin. Star Jets customers will be able to take advantage of all the benefits of using corporate jets, gaining access to more than 5 thousand jets in the country and about 15 thousand jets around the world.

“Bitcoin is becoming an extremely popular method of payment and we want our customers to be able to use this payment method,” says Star Jets’ CEO, Ricky Sitomer.


The site with a collection of hotel rooms in almost any city around the world Hotelgo24 does not yet accept payment in Bitcoin but offers a bonus system in cryptocurrency. Booking a room through the service does not require registration. After a successful booking, each user receives a reward in bitcoins. The amount of cashback depends on the cost of booking and exchange rate of BTC on the day of booking and reaches 5%. It is possible to transfer bonus coins to a charity organization.

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