Why Bitcoin is gaining popularity despite its huge volatility?

Bitcoin may present users with excessive volatility, but soon Bitcoin technology will capture the investors’ interest based on their potential role.

Bitcoin is a powerful tool in the future economy and soon it will attract more and more large and small investors to itself.

Let’s be honest — Bitcoin is not devoid of certain problems that prevent it from gaining popularity around the world. One of such obstacles is too high volatility of BTC. In other words, the coin price is changing too fast. Under such conditions, it can not become a universal payment means.

However, the good news is that Bitcoin meets five main criteria of an ideal currency:

Portability. Ordinary banknotes are easy to carry in your wallet and pay with them in the store. Bitcoin is easy to store on electronic devices;

Divisibility. Each coin can be divided into 100 million parts called satoshi. That is, you do not need to buy 1 BTC to invest in Bitcoin;

Utility. Ordinary currency becomes valuable when you can spend it on goods or services. Even now you can pay BTC for the right product in many parts of the world;

Scarcity. Bitcoin is based on the deflation principle — the maximum number of coins in circulation is limited to 21 million;

Transportability. Bitcoin is easy to transfer in just a few minutes to any place in the world.

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Andrey Costello

Bitcoin-maximalist. Optimistic family man and miner with six years of age. I write about complicated things from the future for people of our days.