Hashtaag’s New Design-Web-Face

Making About Hashtaag Website.

Unifying creative way of speaking to our customers with elegant Web Presence.



Looks start with colors and gets enhanced styling with its supportive balanced colors. To achieve fresh new look we tested various colors with multiple selection process. Finally we selected fresh Color Pantones to represent Hashtaag Website.

Pantone P 115–8 C Color represents trust & technology and was selected with a reason that allows us to represent in corporate industry as one of the most promising software service company. Even Pantone P 115–8 C Code is our new Logo Core focused Color. We have represented Pantone P 5255 CC color code for Hashtaag name representation to give boldness of our service execution with variety of technology adaption along with strength that measures color balance.

To represent and support the balance for Pantone P 115–8 C Color we tested other various colors and we selected Pantone P 98–15 U to exclusively enhance the design combination across the design process.

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Fonts We Used

After scanning various San Serif & Serif Font we decided to select Font Ubuntu, Font Ubuntu was exclusively depicting the style we were looking to represent our content form to our audience. Font Ubuntu was also tested across various design form along with our selective Pantones.

Icons and illustrations

Our AI Signature Design Model

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To enhance mode of simplicity and cleanliness it was very challenging for us to use various styles to subjecting the importance of brand focus and banner representation in form of illustrative design. Another challenge was other illustrative elements should not overpower our brand signature Design, Even to maintain creative balance with elegance was tricky and we have illustrated various elements that looks elegant.

We have a culture of sketching new illustrations from scratch instead of reusing available elements online which have helped us to transform the majority of design balancing act.

Some copies we illustrated are below. This are subjected to copyrights with Hashtaag


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UX - Sharing Implementation Methods utilized

Research: We have studied deeply how we can make a big dive with simplicity in revamping Hashtaag website, We were at one point of graph before revamping our web design, We understood our capabilities, team approach, clients, technology adaptation as we are now in collaboration with supreme clients in industry and serving them well.

Brainstorming/Card Sorting: We made various discussions and meeting on like what will be the next goals and how it should be achieved, along with detailing the requirements for the big change. We have also included various very basic interview sessions with stake holders to understand the next business focus presentation. Collecting of various Information we need to focus before achieving the milestone.

IXD: Interaction Design Process was the most complex structure while working on this section because our focus was to keep Simple, Clean approach of web presence that navigates smoothly and interacts with human friendly gestures at every action and flow. Micro Interaction mode in our Why We section where text focus in reversing color modes. This was done to improvise visual text view along with importantly representing content values for clients along with great readability.

User Interface Design: On UI design implementation core part was to maintain standard and consistency in our approach which was through every medium. We have tried to balance simplicity, clean and easy to understand all about what Hashtaag provides in its service categories. Color balancing and tonning in background to represent text and Visual Elements was of prime importance.

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Harmony in Furnishing Hashtaag

We have tried to represent a robot identity to Hashtaag who is visual communicator at every focused Interaction Mode. Another reason to accept this was the culture at hashtaag we believe in to take up complex projects along with helping our clients to overcome product challenges at ease with Design.

Hashtaag Robots Team have launched successfull products and waiting one to serve for you.

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