New eye of communication, Conversational AI (CAI), My Chat BOT

Natural Language Programming (NLP) a conceptualize conversational Chat Bots that are intutive, smart and responsive with the level of generating intellectual communication in an extremely professional and personal way that brings in more human clarity towards the product experience.

Various domains are already utilizing Chat Bots to letivitate their existing system and product experience. Chat bot helps in improvising communication by getting rooted to what customers wants, instead of what product has to offer.

Capabilities & Requirements

Personalized product bot assistance is capable of achieving desired results in meaningful way by responding to customers with sharing and caring;

Quality interaction requires variety of exclusive data model, data points & data science to expertise response solution that needs to be achieved by bots. More data with certain valuable interaction points will help my chat bot to behave in the way human interacts.


Psycologically customers will have positive impact on the presence of product operations with chat bot. Chat bot assists in typical conditions when your employes are offline and still your product converse through chat bot with various customers or on what customer is looking for. Chat bot decodes requirement from customer by providing relevant natural questions & answers.

I am fond of expressing my chat bots segment on specific domains which can improvise the product platforms like #eCommerce, #FoodTech, #HealthTech, #EdTech, #Ad Tech, #PaaS and much more.

Creating Chat Bot User Experience

Design approach for conversational AI should be in consideration with emotional intelligence. Through design interface we are training User (customer) on interacting with our special chat bot. Understanding pre-defined Algorithm is necessary if exists or being part of UX Product it is necessary in briefing the actual data model with behavior pattern who all are going to interact and how they are going to interact, what all data points could be captured in making communication better with bots, what all product segments are going to be responded; Because all Data Points will help data science to have a very unique algorithm. Creating bot experience for product is not so easy, lots of interviews are required to be executed with different #personas. User Interface and Interaction Design on the other hand will help to make interactive behavior more natural and effective with my chat bot.

Voice communication bot will be the key segments and to look for on how fast it is being adaptive in the tech space as new Voice Conversational AI (VCAI).

Introduction of ML #MachineLearningAlgorithm towards specific segments will be like mesmerizing customer experience.