QA Automation Engineering — Necessity and Benefits

Dec 4, 2018 · 6 min read
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  • The time duration will be increased due to testing the same process or functionality.
  • Consider a situation, where your product is already there in Store with millions of users using it and team want to push most critical feature and fix in few hours.
  • We used IDE like Eclipse, so creating new projects becomes a breeze.
  • TestNg is used to run all test scripts at the same time. By using different annotations of testNg, we actually optimize our lines of code. It gives us an advantage of generating test reports for running scripts.
  • You can always benefit from the right set of tools. These tools help in information sharing, process automation, reduction in deployment time, continuous deployment, etc. Jenkins is one of the major tools that we use for continuous integration. There are over 400 plugins in jenkins to support building and testing project. We receive email notifications for running ‘Jenkins job’, pop-ups, etc. Through Jenkins and actually automating the process, it takes less manual effort.
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  • It started with creating maven framework structure and writing page object model for all available pages or screens in our application.
  • The Page object model contains respective pages xpaths and reusable functions.
  • The Generic library contains all the generic functions which can be used in any other project.
  • The Test script contains code for functionality of the application, here we integrate all our codes from different classes into one class.
  • Synchronisation is very important to match the webdriver and application speed to perform automation. This is because the webdriver speed is very high compared to the application speed.
  • The Initial setup is very challenging in itself, because we need to check the different tools and browsers’ compatibility with each other.
  • Once we begin writing xpaths from the html web page, it may so happen that the written things will not work. In that case, we will require to update xpaths with other available methods. This issue most often occurs in the iOS because there is no validator to validate the xpath in ‘Appium Desktop’.
  • Sometimes the waiting time creates issues. So, applying a proper waiting time is very important in case of dynamic data.
  • Cross Browser testing makes it challenging for us because the element behaves differently in Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • In the whole process we deal with different types of exceptions like- NoSuchElementException, StaleElementException, TimeoutException, ElementNotVisibleException, ConnectionClosedException, SessionNotFoundException, WebDriverException, etc. Dealing with these exceptions and performing our automation work can get challenging.
  • Similarly, Mobile testing requires us to run scripts in ‘simulator or emulator’ for different ios and configuration, making it challenging.
  • No manual interruption means no chance of mistake in defined functionality.
  • Quality work is produced since Automation Script cannot go wrong if everything is properly defined in the scripts.
  • Time limit reduces, so whenever there are frequent releases in weeks or months, it gets easier to know about the defined functionality without testing manually.
  • One defined architecture or Framework can be used in the same type of applications.


Jyoti Jha |Quality assurance engineer


Mobile Apps, Data Science, Machine Learning

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