Free RiteTag App: Available now for iOS and Android

We are happy to announce that the RiteTag mobile apps are available to all!

Get hashtag stats and suggestions before you post to Twitter on Instagram on mobile. Download now:

RiteTag in iTunes (free)

RiteTag in GooglePlay (free)

Thank you, Jason Michael, for this tutorial great video on using the RiteTag app to choose hashtags with current engagement and also “legs” — the blue hashtags that keep your Tweets getting discovered through search the longest:

RiteTag’s Exclusive Color Grading

Green = great engagement (right now) — real good, right now. Good engagement and the Tweet density (Tweets/hour containing this hashtag) is in the perfect range.

Blue = great for giving your tweet “legs”: our blue grade means that this hashtag is likely to get light engagement now, but get your tweet seen for weeks and perhaps months to come.

Red = overused. Twitter or Google+ might tell you it’ trending. There’s a problem with trending, however: this just means that there are many Tweets/updates/posts containing the hashtag. The chance of your tweet with an overused hashtag getting discovered from search or hashtag-clicking (for the stream) are slim-to-none.

Grey = unused. Not completely unused, for many, but not used steadily over time. Not a good choice.

Start by searching hashtags in the RiteTag app, extension or site and make decisions beginning with the color grade and even better decisions by studying the numbers. You start with topic relevance, but want to see a high number of hourly Exposure and/or hourly Retweets vs. a relative low number of Unique Tweets/hour. This way, your Tweet has a high chance of coming up for hashtag-clickers, searchers and also, gets your Tweet auto-curated and republished in web magazines (,, bottlenose, instapaper,, etc.)

We’d love to have your comment on RiteTag Mobile where, in the comments, our iOS and Android leads, Camila and Joydeep, will be answering questions, our CTO, Michal, will answer API-related questions, and other staff who have helped build the RiteTag site, extensions, and applications will be answering questions. If you’re new to ProductHunt you’ll need an invite to be able to comment. We just ran out of invites, sorry, but if you Tweet out that you’re in need and mention @ritetag, we’ll gladly retweet you and ask our followers to hook you up.

If you’re in a giving mood, we’d greatly appreciate a review in the app stores:


Google Play

We are pleased to announce an app for both iOS and Android phones and tablets for all RiteTag users. Get the app and never again guess whether a hashtag is worth using. Twitter tells you a hashtag is tranding, but this just means that the hashtag is appearing in many Tweets at the time. RiteTag provides engagement grading: colors and and analytics that tap into current and 30-day historical engagement. In Tweet fields and popups and in any field of any web page, type a hashtag and then type a space. You will see the RiteTag footer appear with your hashtag graded by color. Type two or more hashtags to compare them with full analytics (when logged in). See our APIs to start using RiteTag features in your site or application.

RiteTag is now a dead-simple app and an extension that serves up actionable hashtag analytics on the over 11,000,000 that are actually in active, steady use.
Get the browser extension for Chrome, Safari and Firefox as well as iOS and Android apps that provide hashtag engagement color-grading everywhere.

Turn the extension off for any site where you do not want to see it. Edit your RiteTag-excluded sites by right-clicking the RiteTag browser button > Options.

Our free trials are have no credit card pre-auth. Just sign up with Twitter or Facebook, get the app on your phone and tablet and also get the browser extension on your desktop. After the trial, RiteTag is just $49 for a full year.

Using RiteTag web, too? Here’s a quick video on doing research in RiteTag, comparing hashtag analytics, and using TagSets you make with RiteTag (web only — for now) in RiteForge and RitePush

In analytics pages, take a look at languages/countries where the hashtag is used most, and see recent Tweets (right-side widget) to see how the hashtag is used contextually, and check whether it is mainly used in tag-spammy (more than 3 hashtags/Tweet) Tweets.

Next, scroll down to the spherical tree, click around the sphere to see stats on hashtags recently used with your searched hashtag

Note that you can even change the hashtag in the box over the sphere to search hashtags related to another hashtag on-the-fly. Or, return to your originally-searched hashtag with the return button just to the right of the search field above the sphere:

As you find hashtags that look promising, click the bookmark button to send them to the Compare/TagSet box at the bottom of the page.

Thank you, always, for your support.

Saul Fleischman

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