Hashtagify.me or RiteTag for choosing the best hashtags? Or both?

The take-aways on hashtag research from Simple Biz Support

Here’s Sarah Giomett’s process, as explained in the video in 3 Key Tips To Improve Your Twitter Marketing on using Hashtagify.me to find hashtags for a topic and then checking in RiteTag to see if they are overused, underused (no audience), or great for current engagement:


From Sarah: “Tip number two is using the right hashtags. So you don’t want to overdo it, but you definitely need hashtags because it’s one of the biggest pieces of content that people search by on Twitter to find what they’re looking for. So that could be difficult. You might think you have a great hashtag and nobody knows what it is and nobody’s using it. So Hashtagify is a great way to identify what could be really good hashtags for you. So you can put in the one hashtag you thought of, and they kind of mind map out the relevant… Other relevant hashtags that you can use. You want to use a couple in Twitter. You only have 140 characters.”

RiteTag identifies the popularity of it and the over usage of it. So if it’s overused, maybe you don’t want to use it.

Actually, you can do all the research right in RiteTag, just by researching on the site and using the hashtags sphere on analytics pages:

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