People of RiteTag: Meet Sarabjot Kohli

Former RiteTag developer and intern, Sarabjot Kohli, shares his experience with Kristin Drysdale (RiteTag Marketing/PR/Community) about what it was like to work with the RiteTag team. After completing his Master’s in Computer Science Engineering and his internship at RiteTag, Sarabjot went on to POPSUGAR in San Francisco where he is currently a software engineer.

Key Takeaways

• RiteTag helps people use their existing skills and learn new ones that help meet the project’s needs

• No matter where you’re located — if you have a desire to learn and meet our needs, talk to us

• Being a part of the RiteTag team means you have a voice. Whether you are with us just for an internship or continue well beyond, we encourage you to make your mark on us

• Desire to learn more is a common thread throughout the culture of RiteTag. Teaching skills to new team members is encouraged, too, and helps develop leadership abilities

• Go further with mobile or web development while contributing to the evolution of the premier social media optimization SaaS. Apply here to make your mark.

  • Always, ALWAYS let your passion guide you along the “rite” path for YOU
People of RiteTag: Meet Sarabjot Kohli