RiteForge Auto-Enhance is now available in @Feedly (no extra cost!)

Got Feedly Pro & RiteForge? Now you can have your Auto-Enhance and the full RiteForge toolkit right inside Feedly.

Why would you ever want RiteForge goodness in Feedly?

Auto-hashtagging, auto-add of your self-branded call-to-action on URLs you share, auto-images, real-time hashtag engagement analytics, your customized emoji bar, text highlight > image and more.

Who gets this?

To be clear, this is available to all RiteForge customers who have Feedly Pro. Feedly Pro is just US$7/month or, 5.41/month when paid yearly. RiteForge starts at $15/month, $12/month when paid yearly.

Here’s how to get your RiteForge tools in Feedly

Click your profile image in the top right corner > Preferences > Saving and Sharing Settings and add the following URL to the Custom Sharing field

You will need to be logged in to RiteForge, have an active RiteForge subscription (and Feedly Pro)

That’s it: you’ve integrated your RiteForge with your Feedly Pro account!

When reading any article in Feedly, you will be able to simply click the Paperplane button which will open RiteForge composer with the link and title of the article loaded. This works whether you have the RiteForge browser extension installed or not. You just need an active RiteForge subscription and be logged in to the RiteForge site.

Once you save the RiteForge Extension URL (above) in Manage Account in Feedly Settings, click the paperplane.
You have your complete toolkit for images, emoji, hashtag intel, and Auto-Enhance

Take the built-in tour of what you can do with the RiteForge Toolkit by clicking on the “?” just above Add to Queue in the RiteForge Composer — in Feedly, Hootsuite, Buffer, RitePush, or from the RiteForge Browser extension’s toolbar button.

See Jason Michael’s RiteForge extension tutorial:

Here’s the full RiteForge tutorial page, with links to various settings.

So, where else would you like to see RiteForge Automated social crafting solutions integrated?

Just for developers with platforms: There are a few ways we can help, and they all are good for your ecosystem. See the RiteKit APIs and a warm welcome to talk to us.