Nine RiteKit alumni share what they got from their time with us

Listen to eight of RiteKit’s internship alumni talk about the doors our internships opened for them and how to get a job at the end of your internship — either with RiteKit or elsewhere.

The divisions they worked in:
Kristin Drysdale, PR/Community Intern (and interviewer)

Saad Elbeleidy, Web Development Intern to Mobile Product Manager
Joeleen Moy, PR/Community Intern
Jose Nieto, Android Lead Intern
Kyle Wong, Android Intern
Shashank Bharadwaj. Web Development Intern to RiteKit’s first Director of Mobile Development
Joshua Kidd, Web Development Intern
Sarabjot Kohli, Web Development Intern
Ali Elkhateeb. Web Development Intern to Web Developer

A big thanks to Kristin, Shashank, Ali, Kyle, Jose, Joeleen, Josh and especially Sarabjot, whose story gave us the idea to go back to our past interns and learn what they feel they got out of it, how it may have helped them with job opportunities and what we are like to work with.

Read text interviews with these are several other past RiteKit interns:

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If you’d like to see what our interns from past years, in PR, web and mobile divisions have to say about the experience and how an internship at RiteTag opened doors for them, see this post.