Episode 42

The regular episodes are back, and you join me at the start of March. In case you can’t tell from the opening track, I was feeling a bit worn-out.

Vezuelan electronic producer Arca has gone off on a bit of a tangent to the stuff he used to make. Maybe he’s had ‘A Moon-Shaped Pool’ on repeat for the last few months but lately his jams have been these dark, sad sonic laments. I think ‘Piel’ certainly complemented how I was feeling at the start of March.

As you listen to this, picture a somewhat overweight hirsute white dude with a ginger beard trying to squeeze his way between a $2000 LCD TV and a $20,000 fume cupboard* two meters off up a ladder, then picture said dude trying (repeatedly) to throw a CAT-5 cable across a two meter void to another equally expensive TV…possibly while balancing on one foot. If that isn’t AV engineering ballet, then nothing is.

Christopher Clark is about to drop an EMP into my world when ‘Death Peak’ drops in a couple of days. ‘Hoova’ (the second track in this video) has that old-school trancy tidal wave build up that got me hooked on that genre in the first place. It looks like the rest of the album is going to be up to this standard too. Eeeeeeee!

Speaking of consistent goodness, if you want to explore some of the more laid-back areas of electronic music, dig through the back catalog of this guy. Alex Dimitriev, AKA Bop dropped a new EP in the middle of March and it was a great way to start a the following Saturday morning!

The even bigger deal than Bop for me this month was the first new Lusine release since I left audio school! With ‘Sensorimotor,’ Jeff has been maturing his sound even further, and while his musical trajectory seems like it’s heading further and further away from releases like ‘Serial Hodgepodge’ and the ‘Surface’ EP (and even further still from his work as Lusine icl), Lusine is still making some very catchy, upbeat music that achieves the near-impossible; making me smile.

So yes, I’m back to the regular monthly #NowPlaying episodes for the immediate future, not sure when the next special is going to be, but I’m sure there will be one.

Meanwhile, here’s the playlist. Enjoy.

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