#Hashtags #That #Actually #Matter

As the beauty sector becomes increasingly more personal and accessible, it has also brought upon independent beauty professionals a major responsibility: branding and marketing their own name, on their own time, and with their own funds.

Social media platforms today are no strangers to discredited sources of information and a sea of overwhelming hashtags. Professionals in the beauty industry are facing the problem with having to choose to either put their time into growing their skills and perfecting their art, or put their time into growing their number of likes and views through avid participation on social media platforms such as Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Not to mention professional personal websites that cost a fortune to own and upkeep.

One of the most used resources are hashtags, and that is a whole problem in itself in this case, not due to “why” it is used, but rather “how”. Having to consist of quantity rather than quality is leading professionals today to overwhelm their craft, day and posts with a number of hashtags that have little to no correlation with their professional skills and artistry.

Instagram and other platforms have served many professional in the beauty industry very well, but only to those who had to choose marketing their name instead of choosing to invest in their craft itself and further their education, business and passion in the ever changing beauty world. The problem here? Many have yet to see a return on their investment in endless hashtags and posts. Why? Because the current overflow of these overlap and drown the ones that came before them in a matter of a split second. All that time and money invested in taking the perfect picture, choosing the best filter, selecting and typing words with the attempt to attract views, likes and generate business, in other words, to make themselves DISCOVERABLE, all in vain.

Now, as we emerge from the deep Instagram sea of posts, allow me to lead you to shore. Lets shed some light on how to tackle one of the most important components that make up a powerful online presence, be it on social media or professional portfolio: #hashtags.

The usage of these beauties have one main goal in mind — visibility. But with all its awesomeness, also comes an obviously simple question: If I use “#beautyartist” on my post, and there are millions of beauty artists out there who are using the same hashtag, how will anybody every see or find me in the wonderful twilight zone that is the social media these days?

Easy! That is exactly why Hashtag Beauty is being launched In August 2017 — an intelligent community that facilitates efficient discoverability and content sharing. I know, a dream come true, right? *sigh of relief*

Now, back to all the noisy hashtagging that has taken over our online lives — shhh! Time to quiet down and think “less is more”. So here you go, some warm and fuzzy tips, just for you:

  • Turn it down a notch on the hashtag pollution, and think quality versus quantity when choosing the right ones for each picture.
  • Keep it professional. Choose accountable and relevant hashtags, ones that are true to your creation or inspiration.
  • Brand yourself — include a hashtag with your brand’s name. This makes searchability and discoverability so much more efficient.
  • Go for words and terms that are true to your creation, this will allow people online to find what they are looking for faster, leading them to you at lightning speed. You will make yourself reachable to the right crowd — YOUR crowd.
  • Put your name on the waiting list so you can be notified when Hashtag Beauty launches, trust me. I mean, who doesn’t want to be part of a smart professional community focused on discoverability these days? Yeah, that’s what I thought.