Podcasts I Listen To and Podcast Resources

Lots of people talking about podcasting so I’m going to try and write a few thoughts down as often as I can on the topic.

I attended and discovered Podcast Movement 2017 (read my story here) through a recommendation from my friend Jon B. Strong — he has a Slack group called Hashtag Podcasters if you’re interesting in keeping up with the conversation. I’m there as well.

If you want to start podcasting check out his Podcast Resources spreadsheet.

Here are some podcasts I listen to, to give you an idea of what I listen to:

My Top 5

  1. The entire Recode family of podcasts: Recode Decode with Kara Swisher, Recode Media with Peter Kafka and Too Embarrassed to Ask with Lauren Goode.
  2. Fatman on Batman: I know FoB is technically now a YouTube show, but it began as a podcast and was way funnier when the host would get high off-camera and talk about Batman comics. I left it in my Top 5 because Kevin Smith with Marc Bernardin are the guys that got me back into listening to podcasts in the first place and I do wait for the podcast version of it still.
  3. Binge Mode: Game of Thrones: this podcast goes through each espiode and then deep dives into the show with comparisons to the books. Super nerdy but exactly what podcasting is all about!
  4. How I Built This with Guy Raz: great interviews with the founders of companies I loved the ones with the founders of Five Guys and Rent the Rounway.
  5. The James Altucher Show: this guy is just great. He has great guests and usually if its a writer I end up getting their book and its overflowing my iPad now. The newest episode with Alex Blumberg founder of Gimlet gives a good look into the podcasting-as-a-business world.

This is just a shortlist for you to check out if you like tech and comic books. I’m now exploring the story based ones and other formats and will create a list of ones I like in the future.

Of course you can hear my RISEcast podcast here. And I am now reading all my Medium posts on Anchor.

I really like the Hot Pod newsletter all about the podcasting industry.

I’m using the Bragi’s The Dash Pro bluetooth earphones because I dont like wires and I really really dont like the AirPods. But they aren’t very good — so now I wish I listened to my own advice “just trust Apple” — but the Dash Pro cost too much to junk them so I’ll have to make do until a new design for the AirPods comes out.

This post will be updated.