Hasura partners with the Vikatan and SSN hackathons

Chatbots, IoT apps, apps for the visually impaired and more — the participants came up with some inspired ideas!

At Hasura, we believe that the Internet and Internet-based technologies are going to be the driving force behind the new wave of creative enterprise. To this end, we have been partnering with and supporting hackathons, where we provide the platform and tooling support to enable developers to focus on solving their core problem in a hassle-free manner, without reinventing the wheel. Here’s the story so far -

Let a thousand ideas bloom

We were thrilled to be Technology Partners at the Vikatan Hackathon in September. The stated aim of the hackathon was to “come up with innovative solutions that intersect Content, Community and Connections (leveraging technology) to improve lives. We were very impressed with the problems that the teams were trying to address at these events. Six teams at the Vikatan hackathon built on Hasura and one of them ended up winning the 3rd prize.

We saw teams building solutions for problems as diverse as the farm supply-chain, civic issues in towns and cities, connecting writers to audiences, empowering Self-Help groups to connect with corporates among many others. One team was trying to solve the difficult problem of the public transport system by developing a Bus Identification & Tracking system which provides users real-time data about routes, traffic conditions and much more, thus encouraging higher utilisation of buses. Another team tried building a marketplace for organic products, connecting farmers directly to the distributors so that bulk orders of produce can be made, thus unlocking greater value for both farmers and the end consumer.

The winning TVS Next Team

Mr. Jegan Selvaraj was a member of the TVS Next team that stood 3rd at Vikatan and was trying to connect Corporate CSR initiatives to the people who need them the most — women in rural areas and Self-Help groups, thus providing them with the much-needed fillip towards self-dependence. They were able to build this whole app on Hasura and demonstrate it on the day of the finals to bag a cash prize of Rs 25,000.

Team Curiosity, one of the Hasura favourites, did not end up winning an award, but impressed one and all with their business model which was already generating revenue! The team-members were able to set up their backend and get their project up and running on Hasura with only minimal assistance from the Hasura Support Team despite having limited programming experience.

Team Curiosity

The SSN startup challenge

We also collaborated with SSN Lakshya’s 32 hour Startup Challenge. The event had mentors listen to the ideas, offer suggestions on prototyping, watch the ideas take shape and then adjudicate the winners in several categories. There were 16 mentors, including our founders Rajoshi and Tanmai, and 10 teams, all working towards solving real problems.

Obligatory SSN Startup Challenge Group Pic!
Blindfolded Navigation

Some of the more impressive ideas that were prototyped included an indoor navigation system for the visually impaired, a Facebook messenger bot built on Hasura, and a community-driven e-commerce site (Clusterbuck) that lets enthusiasts get access to niche products at prices driven by real-time demand. The Clusterbuck team is currently working with the Hasura Platform team to take their product to the market.

Adithya, Adithya & Vishwanathan — the cool Clusterbuck Team

Hasura invites all the winners and participants to build their projects using their platform and promises to provide mentorship, tech support and free hosting for the next edition of the 32 hour Startup Challenge.

Why are we interested in Hackathons?

Hackathons are great at identifying local problems and talented people working on them. We are willing to provide mentorship, tech support and consulting for all hackathons and encourage developers to build their prototypes on Hasura.

We believe that the next few years are going to see a tremendous growth in the sheer number of entrepreneurs trying to solve small or big problems using technology in inventive ways. India is on the cusp of a new era of innovation, game-changing ideas and technology-based solutions for old and difficult problems. Only a third (34% of the population) has access to the internet and yet we are already the second largest internet enabled market in the world. We will have 200 million smartphone users by the end of the year and the rate at which rural India is adopting mobile internet is astounding. Watch Tanmai (co-founder, Hasura) talk about this impending technology-driven revolution at TechSparks 2016.

Making Development a Breeze

Hackathon teams have built on top of Hasura, taking advantage of the out-of-the-box APIs and endpoints which help set up the back-end for your app extremely quickly. Teams had to just specify the database tables and relationships on the Hasura console and were able to use Hasura APIs for performing authentication, search and database queries instantly. Hasura exposes JSON APIs automatically as soon you create your database tables. This translates into a very easy experience in setting up your project, so that you can begin working on the core modules without worrying about solving backend dependencies. Teams were able to build a prototype for a full-fledged e-commerce website in 50 hours. Several teams also used the Hasura Platform just for deployment. Hasura makes the deployment process easy, scalable and promises zero downtime, using the latest open source technologies like Docker (for containerizing your application code) and Kubernetes (for orchestrating multiple dockers on demand). You no longer have to worry about permissions and multiple dependencies during the deployment process and can use a simple Git-Push to deploy your application to the live environment using just a configuration file. We have seen Indian enterprise tech teams reduce development times by as much as 50–80% just by building on the Hasura Platform.

We hope to continue supporting developers and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to architect their solution and solve the critical issues that continue to plague us. We endeavour to be the platform and technology solution provider for any and all aspiring entrepreneurs, for someone who has an idea but can’t get his prototype on the ground. The journey from an idea to a solution should be rapid, rewarding and easy. We make that happen.

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