Mr. S. Govindan, a retired bank officer, learns app development with IMAD

India’s largest MOOC, IMAD (Introduction to Modern Application Development) is back on July 24th. Registrations are open here. All students who complete the course successfully will receive an IIT Madras certification. The top 5% of students will be eligible for an 8-week Hasura Product Development internship.

We had a wonderful experience in the course, interacting with and helping thousands of enthusiastic students take their first steps towards application development and programming. We also got wonderful feedback from many of our participants, who were kind enough to send us detailed accounts of their journey through the course and areas for improvement for the future.

In this series of stories, we would like to feature and celebrate some of our course participants and their experiences during IMAD.

Meet Mr. S. Govindan, who had these wonderful words of encouragement for us ..

Mr. S. Govindan (Retired Bank Officer)

“Dear Madi,

I joined this course out of plain curiosity, emboldened by memories of the little programming tricks I employed using the Foxpro language during my days in the Bank (I’m a retired Bank officer).

But, I soon discovered that App Development was a different kettle of fish altogether. It was tough, but you dispensed knowledge in graduated instalments so as to arouse curiosity (ping command, traceroute, password security and hashing etc) , reminding us of Arthur Clarke’s famous words:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Yes, application development is awesome (though most of us take apps for granted) but Tanmai Gopal’s crisp videos whetted our appetites, and though it got grindingly tough in the later parts, I played and replayed the videos over and over again, hoping to break that unknown barrier that would make it as fluid and logical as it appeared to Tanmai.

So, we will not stop here. We pledge to continue on the learning curve and, hopefully, contribute something to the world in keeping with the spirit of the open software culture now prevailing in app development.

Once again, thanks a lot to Dr Gaurav Raina, Tanmai Gopal and to you, Madi.

S. Govindan “

On behalf of the Hasura and IMAD team, we would like to convey our heart-felt thanks to Mr. Govindan for sharing these kind words and we hope that he continues learning and contributing to the community!

Stay tuned for more IMAD stories!

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