Chemistry professor, also app developer! IMAD is for anyone.

Our next story is about Mr. Vijayaraghavan K, who is an Associate Professor of Chemistry, and found IMAD very useful.

Mr. Vijayaraghavan K.

These are his thoughts on the course —

“Dear IMAD team, Privileged I am in attending this course-IMAD. After my post doc from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Northern Illinois University, I understood the potential of Biological sciences- Information technology Interface and wanted to get an introduction to programming. Not aware of the point to commence I was almost blindfolded. I met friends with vast experience in programming in leading companies in the IT sector. But the communication gap between my interests of programming in the biological interface and their lone IT background couldn’t gain a start. IMAD has opened my eyes and now I can speak their language and get started with programming in the Biological-computer interface. Thanks to the entire team and my sincere appreciation to the efforts of Mr. Tanmai Gopal and Prof. Gaurav Raina.

Vijayaraghavan K, Associate Professor in Chemistry, Pachaiyappa’s college “

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The course begins on July 24th. All students who complete the course successfully will receive an IIT Madras certification. The top 5% of students in the course will be eligible for an 8-week product development internship at Hasura.

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