Julie Thomas, a mother of three and IMAD student, shares her course experience.

Julie Thomas writes to us about how IMAD provided an insightful introduction to app development for her.

Here’s her story —

“ Could often hear words like Android Development,JSON, apps being used among colleagues. Though I have thought to google out and learn, it hadn’t been possible after work hours ,with 3 kids running around home. It was on one such routine day, saw a whats-app message and came to learn about Madi and IMAD. Never believed could complete or go through the videos ,anyway registered with the curiosity to know what it is all about. Once registered, encouraged few other friends to join in. and that’s how the IMAD journey begins.

The course videos were like what they had predefined-short and precise. But what really kept me hooked was the extraordinary energy shown by different people in the discussion forum. When i was thinking “when will I be able to watch video 2 and 3”, the forum would already be buzzing with questions like “when will the next video be out”., “why is this delay” :-)

My kids were also fascinated to see me study and used to keep asking did you watch today’s lesson.

Assignments were good, as most of the question made us to think and search further to get the right answer.

So as a Sum up, I enjoyed the Course every bit, Got to know many new terms and many new people through the forum.

Extending my appreciation and thanks to entire IMAD team.


IMAD is back on July 24th. Register here! All students who complete the course successfully will receive an IIT Madras certification. The top 5% of students in the course will be eligible for an 8-week product development internship at Hasura.

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