ApeSwap & NFT Integrations!

Hat Swap City has officially integrated a custom APE head for holders of the Non-Fungible Ape (NFA) NFT. We are submitting this to the BNB Chain Revelation Hackathon soon.

Apeswap NFTs are now integrated! Hold an NFA and equip your special APE face!

It’s really exciting to see another important step towards building out the core infrastructure detailed in the whitepaper.

Core components of the game include:
1. Customizable NFT-based avatars.
2. A metaverse of partner projects fully integrated into the city.

There are many ways — big and small — to achieve partner integration and so we started off with something that could be implemented once and then scaled to a lot of partners easily. We have officially onboarded BUSTA as our second integrated partner and look forward to bringing on many more!

What else is cooking?

A sneak peak of the Rug Merchant outfit.

Clothing and NFTs.

We’re 95% done with the setup for our new NFT series that will provide our players clothing. I want the clothing to be as close to integrated as possible. The art is complete, the webpage is almost live, now we’re just biding time to make a couple of key decisions. There is a lot of debate about launching the series on ETH vs BNB. ETH could bring us into a new caliber of investors but BNB is a lot less risky and safer to gradually grind out sales.

Wrapping up Hatman

As our blockchain engineer has finished preparing the NFT stuff, he’s been able to return to Hatman p2e code. We really want to finish this.

Hat Swap City Mobile Accessibility

Mobile accessibility is a problem due to the memory size of HSC. We discovered that the Voxel artist we hired to do our environment made some dramatic mistakes in his exports. He just sent us the teahouse and it’s 250 MB by itself as a building. The entire Market Plaza should be 5 MB total. So we are currently re-assessing what to do about the environment. Right now we don’t have the budget to re-do the scene from scratch before we sell NFTs, so we are considering using pre-made, optimized assets to provide more users access to the city.

5. Tons of AMAs (COME TO THEM!)

I am very happy each time I join an AMA and see the genuine excitement and fun. The point of Hat Swap City is to be a place that’s fun to hang out online, share NFT utility, play games and swap items. The more people show up, the more fun it is! Come to the events! You can win wonderful prizes :)

Summary of patch notes:
- Added the video screen in the arena
- Changed player character spawn point to the arena
- Fixed audio so Music plays for everyone
- Created a partnership integration system that allows partner projects to grant users a custom avatar face based on supported NFT
- Integrated Non-Fungible Apes as our first NFT partner

On a Personal Note

This is a tiny team and we have pushed extremely hard to get to where we are, despite being so far from where we want to be. This April I requested our engineers slow down to avoid burnout. The pace was unsustainable. So we will keep working, but expect it to take time to see major updates.

I have been knocked down hard in the past month. On March 21st a devastating tornado hit my house directly. It’s a natural disaster with a magnitude I cannot express well; thankfully my family is safe but I have a lot to do to put my house back together. Then the past week my entire family got COVID. I am going to take a much needed break in May, let Gio do his thing, and then we will figure out what the next step is with the second NFT series. Because that’s got to mint in order for us to keep building!



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