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Hear from Ally, our branding intern, on her experiences working at Hatch.

Finding the instant connection to Hatch’s work

I discovered Hatch during my final year of Polytechnic. As a third-year student, I was searching for an internship placement that fulfils my course requirements. But it was no ordinary search, it was especially tough because of the pandemic. My choices were very limited, and I was facing a dead end.

My lecturer-in-charge introduced an internship scheme initiated by Youth Corps Singapore, which has a long listing of companies working in the social sector.

For me, the most important criteria to join any organisation is that my personal values have to be aligned with the company’s values. Though factors such as salary, location, job scope do play a part in the deciding criteria, I was looking for a greater purpose and intrinsic satisfaction from the work that I do.

I did not want to work just for the ‘sake of working’.

Scrolling down the list of job scopes and descriptions, that was when ‘Hatch Marketing Intern’ caught my eye.

When I went to research Hatch, something inside me clicked. Everything that they were doing made it effortless for me to relate to them. Their flagship impact program, Customised Hatch Immersive, catered for youth profiles with vulnerable and at-risk backgrounds. Furthermore, unlike most training providers, they do not prioritise their educational qualifications as an entry requirement. Hatch was helping young adults and youths, regardless of their qualifications, to acquire the necessary skills to reach their goals.

What they were doing moved me. It was something that I wished I knew when I was younger as a struggling student, with nowhere to go and no one to turn to for advice. Hence, I wanted to be part of their work to help impact the future generations to come; those who might be feeling lost or stuck from having derailed in the conventionally defined path of education or career “success”. I knew how scary it can be.

Experiencing the one of a kind culture

Cat Picture #1

Fast forward a little, I was amazed at the great number of opportunities that I got to experience. Being new to the workforce and given my role as a marketing intern, I honestly expected work to just be facing the laptop for 5 days straight.

Hatch exceeded my stereotypical understanding of working in an ‘office’.

Barely a month in and I was able to be part of Hatch’s Demo Day, where their graduating students present their research findings and solutions to the problem statement given by Hatch’s partners. I was the event’s photographer and videographer alongside my fellow marketing colleagues. During the event, I was able to share some meaningful conversations with both the students and the trainers.

Working hard preparing for Demo Day

Even outside of these special one-off events, days in the office were never boring. I strongly believe this was because of the Hatch culture. My colleagues were all extremely nurturing and open. We shared life stories with each other, we cracked jokes, we supported each other regardless of departments, gave each other advice and we even spent time together outside of work. Slowly, I realised that there was more to work than just the daily grind. It was the people that made my experience memorable.

The OG Marketing team (missing Gabi)

It was only when I joined that I found out that Hatch was a social enterprise that had a relatively young team. I was shocked because, from their track record of services and projects, it felt like they had years (decades, even) of experience to perfect their craft in the digital training and solutions space.

Our team of young people

When I got involved in the behind the scenes work, I learnt the not-so-secret secret to their success. Everyone was a jack of all trades. If they are unfamiliar with something, every member goes out of their way to figure things out and achieve their goals. They were gifted in troubleshooting problems and stayed open to trying almost every solution possible.

Shoutout to those from the Academy team!

Furthermore, the team always went above and beyond for one another. In this space where it’s a classic David vs Goliath uphill battle against more established and well-known institutions, they shouldered the burden of ambiguity together — fighting each obstacle they face valiantly.

As a team member of Hatch, I proudly agree with my ex-colleague Jadyn, who mentioned in her article that the Hatch team should ‘ not to be underestimated.

Importance of enabling digital journeys

One memorable moment in my internship journey with Hatch was when we discussed one particular topic during our brand sprint.

‘How do you see Hatch in 5 years time?’

The team gave a range of interesting answers. Some were more directed towards business expansion such as ‘to expand our digital services’ and ‘to build an alumni network who become Hatch’s trainers’.There were also bigger dreams articulated. The one that stood out most for me was when one of us shared our hopes to have a bigger office space for our operations along with our Academy classrooms (We even thought about having our own MRT station for direct transportation).

Planning for our future helped us understand which path we want to take and how we want to get there. Collectively, we have decided to focus on enabling digital journeys.

As a student who majors in the arts, I have briefly heard about digital skills such as ‘Digital Marketing’ and ‘User Interface User Experience (UIUX) Design’ (which are courses offered by Hatch Academy and services offered by Hatch Mediahouse) but I rarely invested myself in it. Although I had to pick up the most basic level of Digital Marketing skills in my school, my knowledge of both tracks was limited.

My entire perception changed when I entered Hatch.

I was part of the classroom action and watched how the trainers skillfully broke the field down and demonstrated the role of Digital Marketing and UIUX Design in our daily lives. I was able to follow through on the journeys of three batches of learners from the moment they first entered our classrooms to their graduation ceremony on Demo Day.

During my time at Hatch, I realised the importance of enabling digital journeys for the students. Empowering them with essential digital skillsets has opened new doors for them and expanded their horizons when it comes to pursuing growth careers or building sustainable businesses.

Not everyone has equal accessibility when it comes to picking up digital skills or employing digital services. At Hatch, learners seeking to upskill and organisations in need of digitalisation services receive the guidance to foster technical skills and even interpersonal skills needed to thrive personally and professionally in the digital age.

Slotting another cat picture here (just because)

Knowing that Hatch exists to bridge this digital gap gives me the reassurance that people and organisations can still manage lifelong learning and adapt to the constant development of digital as Hatch continues to make digital accessible for everyone.



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