11 Community Questions — Reddit edition

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Mar 15 · 6 min read
Hathor Network — 11 Community Questions — Reddit Edition

Last week, our content lead EyeOfCyber collected through Reddit 11 community questions and we are glad to share it with our audience.

Hope you all enjoy it!

1 — Ear_Novel : “How many projects have signed into grant program?”

At the time of this writing, we have nine applications already submitted on our first week of the program, with many more in direct contact with Hathor Labs to help them format their projects.

For those interested in applying for a blockchain grant, please fill out the form at https://landing.hathor.network/grantprogram2021


2 — Loveas_20: “When can HTR be staking?”

Hathor Network is a proof-of-work coin, so we do not use validators for transactions on our network.

Though we have stated on our Token Economics paper that there is a percentage of HTR allocated for staking, we will analyze in the future the best outcome for these tokens.

3 — starterekopus: “Can you explain in full detail the initial sale to family and friends?”

As Hathor Labs previously stated in AMAs, the initial sale for friends and family was about 50M tokens sold for $500k.

This is relative to the seed investment on Hathor Labs and is responsible for kicking off our network.

4 — Oenie: “The roadmap mentions ‘Initial nano contracts implementation’ for Q2. What does this entail? Compared to the ‘Extended Nano contract’ capabilities forecast for Q3? Will they be functional/usable by Q2 ?”

We plan to have an initial working version of Nano Contracts by Q2, which should be publicly available for usage. However, we also understand that we should iterate and add more functionalities to it, planned for Q3.

5 — Oenie: “Right now, HTR mainnet is there, and you can create your own tokens, but as for further functionality, there isn’t much there right now. How would you, as a team, convince potential investors that HTR is worth investing in? Is it just the items on the roadmap, the fact that it’s (being) built from scratch, …”

Hathor Labs does not provide any investment advice. Enthusiasts should make their investment decision after doing their due diligence.

That said, to understand more about what Hathor Network will offer in the future, please refer to our Roadmap, which works as a snapshot of our internal development plans for the building blocks of Hathor Network, including the long-awaited Nano Contract framework.


6 — Tendie_taker2: “When will HTR be entering more exchanges, and which will be the next exchange?”

Following the industry standards, Hathor Labs does not comment on exchanges and listings.

7 — UlenkaG: “sorry, I’m using a translator. I would like to know about the partners who started working with you. I would like to have more information on Twitter, even that is in the initial stage. Will level 0 security technology be supported? Will there be support for the trust, ledger nano wallet? The worst question)) listings on the exchange?”

Hathor is working with selected partners for the development of use-cases on Hathor Network, being the most known one the HTRFDT (HathorSwap, Chrome extension, among other projects).

Regarding wallets, we want to have the HTR integrated with Ledger, and we were in direct contact with the teams.

As soon as possible, we want to provide this extra layer of security to our community.

8 — HathorSwap questions

Wemovr: “When is the target date for the full HathorSwap system to be released and fully functional.”
JacketIcy4093: “Will HathorSwap be its own token ?”
Mgmt83: “How is HathorSwap progress coming along? And chrome extension?

HathorSwap is a project developed by HTRFDT, an external company and a builder on our ecosystem.

Though they receive full support from Hathor Labs from the technical side, HTRFDT works completely independently from us, as they have their sole roadmap and product strategy.

Please follow HTRFDT on Twitter for first-hand announcements.

9 — simen13: “Are there planned efforts to get SHA256 miners on board on Hathor? With marketing or otherwise?”

Increasing our hashrate is essential for us, as it leads to more network security. Having a successful network definitely can attract more miners, as they look to increase their profits by mining HTR. But we are also working to connect directly with them and support in any integration necessary.

10 — Ok-Locksmith564: “One of the main appeals of HTR is the easy UX of creating new tokens.

However, that can be exploited by scammers. Does HTR have preventative measures or safeguards against “rug pulls”? Are there plans to incorporate insurance?”

Apart from the ones generated on the premine during the genesis block, the HTR can only be mined. Our code is open-source, so anyone can check that there are no mechanisms to create new HTR besides mining.

Custom tokens have their own rules. The token creator can decide if he wants to be able to mint new tokens in the future or not. If he gives up on this ability, there’s no going back. And this information is recorded on the blockchain, so it’s easy to verify it.

A custom token that can mint new coins: https://explorer.hathor.network/token_detail/0000090c947575d8666523322abfd77d486cf83c3fa327e7447cc6d30d2bc4e1

Cathor is an example of a token that has a maximum supply of 30k as new tokens cannot be minted: https://explorer.hathor.network/token_detail/00000000f76262bb1cca969d952ac2f0e85f88ec34c31f26a13eb3c31e29d4ed

Hathor Labs is responsible for building the infrastructure of the Hathor Network, a decentralized layer one blockchain.

We are responsible for providing tools, frameworks, and incentives, so other players and partners can develop their products, services, and ideas with us.

Any company building a DApp on Hathor Network is solely responsible for its products, incentives, and mechanics. Any decentralized chain should work, including creating or partnering with other service providers such as decentralized insurance.

As a flourishing ecosystem, we are openly inviting everyone interested to come to #BuildonHathor, including decentralized insurance, AMM (like HathorSwap), liquidity tools, DAOs framework, and so on.

For more info about the Grant Program, please fill out the form at https://landing.hathor.network/grantprogram2021

11 — Simen13: “From the Hathorinfo website:

– The tx mining service makes sure people don’t get timeouts when sending transactions since there’s a PoW to be done before sending. The Hathor team is providing this service for now with their own miners, and the orphan block situation is already known for people mining, Hathor wants to make sure they address that.

Question: How is the transactions being done/validated? Are they validated by the miners, or is Hathor Labs actually providing their own tx mining service? Wouldn’t this make the transactions very centralized?”

There are two questions here.

First, related to the tx mining service, Hathor Labs is providing this service for everyone. This is only solving the PoW for each transaction, and it doesn’t need any sensitive or private information. Anyone can solve the PoW for their own transactions. Or there might be third parties providing this service in the future.

For instance, a company with its own token might solve the PoW for all transactions with its tokens to guarantee a service level for its users.

As for the transaction validation, it’s done by ALL nodes on the network. When each node receives a transaction, it is validated independently. Making sure the tx PoW is correct is part of this validation, but there are also other steps, like checking for conflicts and tx structure. Every full node in the network does this, so there’s no centralization.

About Hathor Network

Hathor Network is a PoW-based novel distributed ledger architecture using both DAG and blockchain data structures intertwined. Built having in mind scalability, usability, and decentralization, our network uses its unique design to solve significant bottlenecks preventing the broad adoption of the technology.

Hathor Network has been live on mainnet since January 2020, experiencing exponential growth in the number of custom tokens, active wallets, and mining hashrate.

For more information, please visit our Website, Twitter, Discord, and Telegram channel.

Hathor Network

A scalable and easy-to-use blockchain for digital assets

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