Ankr x Hathor Network - Partnership Announcement

Hathor Labs
Apr 9 · 2 min read
Hathor Network joins forces with Ankr to bring cloud-based Full Nodes for dApp developers.

Hathor Labs is stoked to announce joining forces with Ankr to bring more essential tools to the ecosystem development on Hathor Network.

Ankr enables users to run their own nodes and easily deploy and manage a node on your favorite blockchain. Up to date, they support over 30 blockchain projects, being Hathor Network the newest addition to their portfolio.

Creating this integration with Ankr is especially useful for dApp developers, that can leverage the use of full nodes to bring their ideas to life on Hathor Network.

Join us for a live event next Monday!

On Monday the 12th of April 2021, Yan Martins (CEO Hathor Network) and Eugen Tirlean (Ankr Product Manager) will get together for a Livestream and show how the integration between both platforms works.

The event is scheduled at 6:00 pm CET/12 pm EST on Youtube.

Subscribe to our event Ankr x Hathor Network on the 12th of April 6:00 pm CET / 12 pm EST on Youtube

Join our Grant Program!

Hathor Labs will be providing support for the selected projects by using Ankr as node-as-a-service solution provider.

Our first Grant Program for builders who are interested in bringing ideas to life using Hathor Network. Projects that contribute and enhance the Hathor Network ecosystem are eligible for funding opportunities in USDT, HTR, or a mix of both.

For more information, please head to

Join the Hathor Network Discord to learn more about our Grant Program

About Hathor Network

Hathor Network is a PoW-based novel distributed ledger architecture using both DAG and blockchain data structures intertwined. Our network’s unique design solves significant bottlenecks built with scalability, usability, and decentralization in mind, preventing the broad adoption of the technology.

Hathor Network has been on mainnet since January 2020, experiencing exponential growth in the number of custom tokens, active wallets, and mining hash rate.

For more information, please visit our Website, Twitter, Discord, and Telegram channel.

Follow Ankr here

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Hathor Network

A scalable and easy-to-use blockchain for digital assets

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