Hathor Network Grant Program results

Gabriel Aleixo
Jun 1 · 6 min read


Our first Grant Program was created to promote and support projects that will help to accelerate our network’s growth and general utilization.

We wanted to attract two types of projects for this first round of the program:

1) Tools and infrastructure
In this category, we look for projects that will improve the tools or infrastructure for other developers or use cases, such as portfolios, plug-ins, services online, among others.

2) Use cases
Projects that will speed up the adoption and visibility / public awareness and networks’ utility.

About the applications

The program received 20+ applications from 4 different continents, all of which went through a rigorous evaluation that assessed, among other criteria, the project’s fit with our network, team, market size, and viability, as well as the project’s application maturity.

Two projects had a clear plan of what they wanted to execute and the required resources. Therefore, they were immediately approved. Eight other applications had a good fit with our network but needed to increase their business maturity to maximize their chances of success.

But we definitely would not just stop there without helping them in the next steps. Hathor is and will always be about building. In this sense, we decided to bet bigger.

To overcome this situation, we started a subproject of the original program: Hathor Grants Boost.

Introducing the Winners of the first Grand Program

The first selected projects are WorkAxle and Hathor Faucet.

You can check below for more information on their plans, as well as highlights from the additional projects currently being advised in the Grants Boost sessions.

  • WorkAxle

WorkAxle is a workforce management software that specializes in the multi-location medium to large enterprise space. They tackle complex workforce management rules and provide innovative AI and ML-based scheduling models and labor forecasting, labor optimization, and advanced time and attendance offerings.

WorkAxle will develop a rewards and recognition component as phase 1 for its existing client base that will let companies purchase HTR and mint tokens that can then be distributed via an automatic rule builder.

These tokens can be later redeemed in an in-app store. For phase 2, they plan to allow the tokens minted to be used for same-day payouts to expedite payroll instead of waiting at the end of every pay period. For phase 3, allowing the users minted tokens to be traded on the open market should also be expected.

According to the applicants from WorkAxle: “Extending and modernizing rewards in the workforce management space was always desirable. Same-day payout using blockchain and crypto has been a long-term goal of the company, but there were always issues regarding fees for our end users where the model was unsustainable. We had discovered Hathor over a year ago and have decided that everything was finally possible using the Hathor Network as our experience in the app will be seamless and feeless due to speed and ease of use.”

  • Hathor Faucet

This will be the first Hathor faucet website.

With Hathor, it’s easy to create your own token, but how do you distribute your tokens? They want to make it easy to distribute your token for free and make your token go viral. The faucet will work for the HTR token and is a great way for new users to know and try Hathor. But it will also work with custom tokens so that you will be able to promote your custom token on the Hathor Network.

In the words of the Hathor Faucet proponent: “Hathor is a user and developer-friendly blockchain project. We want to support this vision and make the distribution of custom tokens accessible to everybody. The faucet is the first step, but we’re planning on more ways to distribute your tokens.”

Hathor Grants Boost was created to helping select which of these projects can benefit the most from an additional “push” to generate value and turn their ideas into reality.

In collaboration with Herman Bessler, Co-Founder and Partner of the international venture studio Templo Ventures, we kickstarted the program with a business structuring workshop.

This workshop also had additional mentorship from the business developers Gabriel Aleixo and Sebastian Guerrero from Hathor Labs.

We had a 4-hour long workshop, with intensive work from both sides. It consisted of exercises, provocations, and actual prototyping, helping the participants identify problems or deficiencies in their business models and creating strategies to improve them. In the next weeks, Aleixo and Guerrero, with the help of invited mentors from different market fields, will help each project on individual sessions to shape themselves as full business cases to be developed on top of Hathor Network.

Once these projects better structure their needs and next steps, our team will reevaluate their grant request. We expect at least 4 of them to receive grants, totaling six grants given and six new use cases or tools to empower our global ecosystem of builders, creators, and enthusiasts.

Highlights from the Grants Boost participants:

  • Cattle Traceability
    A digital platform for buying and selling cattle, tied to an AI system capable of visually identifying each of them and securing their provenance through all the supply chain. They plan to build a system of non-fungible tokens to enhance both the trading and the suitability within the whole application.

This initiative led us to think about the scope of a future Hathor Labs Incubation Program.

What is next?

We are looking forward to having this first batch of grant projects starting to develop their solutions as soon as possible, where this will showcase the power of our network and inspire others to also build on Hathor Network.

I am delighted that this program highlights what Hathor is all about: a scalable and easy-to-use platform where anyone can start a blockchain application, from small businesses to big enterprises, and count on close guidance from our team in the entire process.

Moreover, having applications from 4 different continents, with many of them coming from Latin America, where we have large ground and strong momentum to build game-changing projects, makes us even more thankful.

It makes clear that we are on the right track to make crypto accessible to the entire planet through the power of easy tokenization and feeless transactions.
As this is our first Grants program, there has also been a lot of learning from our side.

We have several areas where we identified room for improvement. This will make sure the next batches run even better, bringing more value to the network.

Hathor Network has been on mainnet since January 2020, experiencing exponential growth in the number of custom tokens, active wallets, and mining hash rate.

For more information, please visit our Website, Twitter, Discord, and Telegram channel.

Hathor Network

A scalable and easy-to-use blockchain for digital assets

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