Hathor Network Snapshot #6

Andres Sanchez
Aug 11 · 7 min read

Welcome back for another rendition of the all-mighty Snapshot!

We’re always happy to bring forth this tasteful recap of everything we are working on.

It’s a total pleasure to see the positive feedback from our community since we decided to publish our beloved Snapshots regularly. We hope you enjoy every edition!

100K Txs and Counting

This time, we will start by announcing that we’ve hit an initial milestone of 100,000 transactions on our network!

Hathor Network reaches 100K transactions.

Hands up for Hathor!

We’re excited to see our community celebrating this achievement along with us on our social media. Our network has been live on Mainnet since January 2020, when these milestones were only a vision.

The mission to make Blockchain easy for everyone is now a reality, and this is proof that we are definitely moving in the right direction.

We will only continue to move forward from here!

Hathor Network hits 30K followers on Twitter.

Speaking of milestones, we’re also thrilled to announce that our Twitter account has reached 30K followers! This is thanks to the amazing community that follows our every update and engages in deep discussions about our network on the regular.

Shout out to every dedicated Hathorian that is a part of our present and future. Every great project starts with a great community, and we are no exception.

This is only the beginning; see you all at our next milestone!

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New Listing: CoinEx

We are pleased to announce that the HTR is now available for trading on CoinEx, on the pairs BTC and USDT.

Community Spotlight: Unity Integration

Our community member Maurício Nunes developed an integration between Unity, one of the biggest dev engines for games out there, and the HTR.

Check the full article in the link below!

Merci Beaucoup Paris!

The city of love showed us that it holds no reservations to be the city of blockchain.

Hathor Network Yan Martins

I was really honored to join our team and our French Community at this fantastic EthCC event held in Paris. The energy was high, and the mood was vibrant inside and around the event throughout the whole week. It was immediately evident that the crypto/blockchain community was finally aching for the chance to meet in person.

We wanted to cap this great mood off by offering our community the opportunity to meet with our team and chat 1 on 1 with us at our own personal meetup gathering. Is there a better way to learn about Hathor Network than sharing a few drinks, charcuteries, and a close chat with the team behind the building as the daylight drops in Paris? Probably not, but we’ll still try to beat it at every meetup.

As we all look forward to brighter days beyond the limitations of the ongoing pandemic, we want to be present in more cities around the world and get to meet more members of our community with a warm handshake.

Our French Community Leader: Hilal Girard, was of great support in organizing our gathering, and we can’t wait to meet our other Community leaders from around the world. It’s been a total pleasure working with them remotely, and I know it will be amazing to meet in person when we finally get the chance.

Cheers to everyone that was able to make it!

Up-close with Seba Guerrero

The only true way to see the potential in technology is through its use cases. The only true way to get a deep dive into our use cases is in a personal chat with Sebastian Guerrero or Gabriel Aleixo of our BizDev team.

No kidding, if you ever want to have a great chat about building on Hathor Network, I hope you have the chance to have some lunch with Seba or coffee with Aleixo and have them take you through all of the details. I can guarantee you’ll be delighted.

This time around, however, Seba was able to skip the train ride to lunch and made it directly to our Discord to interact with our followers as part of a community initiative to host live chats with our core team.

We were able to fully understand what our BizDev team is working on, how many use cases are in the pipeline, and what the future of these interactions looks like.

In case you missed it, here is a transcript of everything that was discussed:

Hathor BizDev Q&A with Sebastian Guerrero

Our three main focuses at Hathor Network:

1. Ecosystem
2. Partners
3. Use cases

  • Business Development started in early 2021
  • We have currently passed 50 use cases in our funnel; we aim to bring quality but also real-life use cases that can benefit “the many” and not “the few.”
  • We are having between 2–3 conversations a week on use cases, and we aim to deliver a 10–20% conversion on turning these conversations into amazing products.
  • We will be releasing an ecosystem roadmap to be transparent with what use cases will be coming out and where we are onboarding them.
  • We are currently working within these sectors:
    Green initiatives
    Real estate
  • Alongside the release of 9Block (the first NFT platform built on Hathor), we have 6 other projects processing with our aim to reach 10 by the end of the year!
  • We work with a reputable law firm within the space to ensure that the use cases we are developing are compliant.
  • Big companies adopt blockchain; we aim to get one of the big 4 consultancy firms to build on Hathor.

We can’t wait to give you more details on the projects building use cases on Hathor Network, and we’re sure you’re going to love some of the initiatives we’re working on to present these to you.

Rev up the Dev Machine


Many members of our community have been asking whether they can create NFTs directly on the Hathor Network, and we’d love to make it clear exactly how to do this.

The first NFT Platform to be built on our network was Felipe Neto’s 9Block from Brazil. In this case, the NFTs are on 9Block’s platform, which is built on Hathor Network. You’re not going to want to miss the amazing artwork behind these NFT collectibles; they’ve dropped a new guest collection release just last week involving top artist collaborations. This is the first way to have your own NFTs on Hathor, but not the only one.

As for the next option, it may come as a shock to many that smart contracts are not actually needed to create NFTs, but this is a fact. The question here is: what makes NFTs valuable? It’s their uniqueness. This uniqueness needs to be stored on the Blockchain, and it needs to be immutable. A unique identifier can prove each NFT’s uniqueness.

In Hathor Network, an NFT is a new custom token created, and its unique identifier is the transaction hash, but what ties the token and the art is the information store in the blockchain, with name, description, and link to the art.

Yes, indeed, this is Hathor Network making Blockchain easy once again.

Here’s an amiable NFT Standard written by Pedro Ferreira that covers the concept in full detail. Remember, this standard is still under review. Still, it’s only the preamble of what we’re working on to bring NFT creation into the hands of anyone and without the unnecessary friction. 👇

We are working on bringing you short summaries of what we have in the Dev oven, and you can expect more of these to be included in our upcoming editions of Snapshot.

Until then, we’d like to wish everyone a great week and an amazing end of summer.

About Hathor Labs

Hathor Labs is a company created in 2018 by the founders of Hathor Network to develop and advance the protocol and foster use cases and solutions in the network.

Hathor Labs helps small, medium, and large businesses to utilize the Hathor Network, a blockchain that makes technology adoption simpler and barrier-free.

About Hathor Network

Hathor Network is a PoW-based novel distributed ledger architecture using both DAG and blockchain data structures intertwined. Our network’s unique design solves significant bottlenecks built with scalability, usability, and decentralization in mind, preventing the broad adoption of the technology.

Hathor Network has been on Mainnet since January 2020, experiencing exponential growth in the number of custom tokens, active wallets, and mining hash rate.

For more information, please visit our Website, Twitter, Discord, and Telegram channel.

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