Hathor Sessions Vol. 1 — HTR/FDT Transcript

Andres Sanchez
Aug 26 · 5 min read

Last week, we hosted this amazing Q&A with guest stars Chris Defour and Mat Diab of the HTR/FDT team, hosted by me, Andres Sanchez.

The following is a shortened transcript of some of the subjects covered in our Live Chat Discussion.


After launching our workforce management software “WorkAxle” in early 2017, the bull run happened in December, and it caught our attention. We tried to understand what blockchain is and soon realized there were applications beyond the consumer realm, more specifically in an enterprise, that’s when we started our research to find out what can be applied to blockchain, how it works, and the best projects and why?

We developed an understanding of the whole space, and after an analysis of the projects that were out there and their capabilities, this led us to uncover Hathor, who was a perfect fit for our workforce management use case at WorkAxle.

You might ask, there are some great projects out there, why Hathor?

Our market is within the enterprise, there is no other layer 1 that is fee-less, instant, and can mint and melt, all out of the box. The core functionality was solid; it made it easy to build on Hathor, all of its attributes are key for enterprise adoption.

A few months later, we realized we need to ensure Hathor has long term viability, regardless of our efforts at WorkAxle; since we were so early, we decided to build the core pillars of infrastructure that would be needed to see early adoption, this was a unique opportunity for us as we were early habitants of this untouched fertile land, so it was time to add some sun and plant some more seeds, and that’s when HTR/FDT was born.

Before we jump into HTR/FDT, let’s look at the top of the leaderboard regarding blockchain being built on: Ethereum.

What makes Ethereum successful? It's their trinity:

  • Uniswap
  • Metamask
  • Infura

Imagine having a similar trinity on a feeless, secure, non-congested, and fast ecosystem.

And that’s why we have initiated:

  • HathorSwap (Uniswap equivalent)
  • HathorPay (Metamask equivalent)
  • API being built (Infura equivalent)

In a step to make this a reality HathorSwap v1 will include the following features:

  • Add/remove Liquidity
  • Swap hETH/HTR or any_custom_token/HTR

If you deposit 1 ETH, HathorSwap will give you the equivalent amount back in hETH
(minting fee goes to liquidity for the upkeep of the platform)
hETH can be used on HathorPay for feeless transactions
hETH can be reversed back to ETH at any time.

We are working on a WooCommerce integration with HathorPay, (WooCommerce is an online marketplace with 4 million stores). Imagine a business allowing you to pay in $HTR, token holders are early at this stage. If you buy now and the price increases, you will be buying everything at a great value. For the business owners that accept $HTR, they will be accumulating an asset that will increase in value over time, they can even give you discounts whilst knowing that the $HTR they receive will appreciate.

In addition to all of this, we will introduce a directory that will list all the merchants that accept $HTR on a dedicated website.

The API is currently in the works; we want to underpromise and overdeliver, when these use cases launch with real-world adoption, it will be beautiful.

We loved to see all the Hathorians out there!


Hey guys, Chris spoke briefly about our original workforce management project when coming into the space, so let’s dive into WorkAxle.

WorkAxle is a workforce management software designed to help businesses with all HR and admin-related tasks. We handle processes such as employee scheduling, time tracking, staff communication, reporting, and more. The platform automatically updates information about shift changes, trades, covers, time off requests, and workers’ availability in real-time. We focus on enterprise companies globally.

HTR/FDT #BuildOnHathor

How does Hathor’s $HTR token come into this?

A huge part of HR and workforce management is keeping your employee productive but also happy. Employee benefits and rewards is where tokenization becomes relevant.

The beauty about Hathor is that it can be implemented seamlessly without the end-user knowing it’s crypto. Hathor is fee-less, fast, and secure, so it can easily be coated, no need to complicate the big executives of these enterprise companies with tech; we sell them the benefits.

Hathor $HTR can be tokenized and used for rewards, for any work-related KPI and be melted back to $HTR that has value and will appreciate over time.


Company X, can purchase 10,000 $HTR and mint 1,000,000 Company X tokens

They can then use these tokens as an employee benefit for hot streaks, good behavior, completing tasks, and productivity (endless possibilities). This is all configurable in a front-end rule builder. The employees of Company X will be able to use these tokens for InApp goods.

This is a win-win, reducing turnover and keeping employees happy and motivated to be more productive.

Company X can melt their tokens back to $HTR at any time, sell or keep them on their balance sheet as an asset.

Everything is customizable, and the possibilities are endless.

This train is going in one direction, now is your chance to jump on. The barriers are being removed.

Live Chat initiative

We love the positive response that we have received from the community regarding our Live Chat initiative on Discord. We are working to bring in more speakers, including a few from the Hathor Labs team, to cover an even wider range of exciting topics. Please keep an eye out on our social media channels for the announcement of future AMAs. We can’t wait to see you at our next Live Chat.

Thank you to everyone who was able to drop by.

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