Hathor Snapshot #1 — 19th January 2021

Guto Martino
Jan 19 · 6 min read
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Hathor Snapshot #1

Hey everyone, Guto Martino, Marketing Manager from Hathor Network, introduce Hathor Snapshot #1 and discuss what we hope to achieve with this new format.

As I previously hinted on our Telegram channel, we are dropping the This Week in Hathor weekly update in favor of a sparser newsletter format. As the seasonality and the type of content changed, we decided to rebrand it and change the tone of voice and a letter to our audience.

The main idea behind Hathor Snapshot is that Gabriel Aleixo and I will use this space more informally by bringing together some questions that our community members have.

Our commitment is that Snapshot will be released every two or three weeks instead of weekly, thus recapping the period and preparing the ground for what will happen. We hope this new format will allow us to better converge recaps and updates about our Network without time constraints and create a better flow of announcements.

We hope that, as more Hathor´s ecosystem grows, we will also get busier and have some Snapshots release out of the schedule.

But don´t worry, the content stays the same: Hathor Snapshot is a recap of what happened and what is about to happen on Hathor Network’s development.

A new direction for Hathor Network 2021: Yan Martins is now the CEO

In January, we reached our first year of mainnet and together came to our first halving event, and the $HTR got listed on the first major exchange, KuCoin, with the trading pair HTR/USDT.

As many of you know, together came a significant change: Yan Martins is the new CEO from Hathor Network, substituting Marcelo Salhab Brogliato, who took over the CTO position.

Marcelo will be responsible for the development’s technical direction on our platform. His primary duty will be leading the Hathor Core Team, which is responsible for developing the infrastructure tech of Hathor Network.

You can read more about this change in the letter that Marcelo wrote in December.

Hathor Labs is growing: Sebastian Guerrero.

He’s a seasoned consultant with years of experience in the corporate IT sales business, which will help our Enterprise field growth. Sebastian has been with Hathor as an advisor and enthusiast since the early days and is excited to join our team for a full-time position. Profile on him soon.

End of AMA Season (for now, at least)

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Our Bixiao Bai AMA had over 400 attendees.

During the pre-and post-listing days on KuCoin, our team got very busy covering AMAs. Now it is time for a pause and back to building.

Here a few links with transcriptions from this past season:

SPECTRE Grouphttps://johnnypizzaparty.medium.com/hathor-htr-ama-with-spectre-group-on-12-27-2020-c5e95fa2d78a (Thanks Johnny Pizza for the transcription)



AMA Room - https://medium.com/theamaroom/hathor-network-with-yan-martins-gabriel-aleixo-and-guto-martino-2f52c68c8697

For the first time, we had articles published in several Chinese media groups, such as Bixiao Bai, Blockbeats, and Weixin.

KarmaDAO: Layer 1 Heroes.

Our BizDEV and Researcher Gabriel Aleixo joined Austin Virts (Solana), NiMa Asghari (NEAR), and Simone Pomposi (Fantom Foundation) to discuss what it means to build a layer one ecosystem and strategies on growth, such as interoperability.

Layer 1 Heroes @ KarmaDAO

I would personally like to thank KarmaDAO and Carl Farterson for putting together this stellar crew, and Andrew Lee for allowing this video to be publicly shared.

Community Questions

At work, we bet on the football league every year: “Who wins the league? Who wins the cup? Who gets relegated?” We throw in money, and someone is in charge of checking results.

Just think how cool it would be to use nano contracts for this. At the moment, many of us don’t understand the use case of a nano contract. Is this possible? How would the tech work or solve this issue?

Yan replies:
Yes, this is precisely the example we have on our docs for Nano Contracts. https://gitlab.com/HathorNetwork/rfcs/blob/1st-nano-contract/0000-nano-contracts.md#bet-on-a-game-result

The idea is that all users who want to bet on the result will participate in the Nano Contract transaction, sending the total bet value. The winner will later be able to unlock/spend this output by using the results provided by an oracle (such as a data feed from a Sports Channel) and send the winnings to his own address.

The second question comes from Crypto Sham in two parts:

1. If I create a nano contract, do you have to pay with HTR only, and what happens to this HTR? Is it locked and returned once the smart contract pays out? Or is it burned from supply forever to reduce circulating supply?

2. If I create a smart contract in HTR, can I have it to pay out in a different token on the Hathor network when the nano contracts payout? So, for example, could the nano contract payout in a stable coin like hUSD?

If the nano contracts are still in development, I think it would be a great feature to burn the HTR used to pay for the nano contract. This would be a nice way to reduce inflation once again and circulating supply.

1. This is still under study. In our Proof-of-Concept, we didn’t add any sort of payment or lock like that. But after our experience with tokenization and some feedback were gathered, we understand it’s essential. It’s not decided yet what the mechanism will be.

2. Payments are made in the token you created for the nano contract. So if you create it in hUSD, it pays out in hUSD. Just the fee or the mechanism mentioned in the first question (which is still under study) should always be in HTR.

What is next for Hathor Network

  • HTRFDT is a new building initiative working side by side with Hathor Network to develop specifically adoption-related projects built on our network. For more information, head to https://htrfdt.com/
  • If you run an e-commerce platform and would like to leverage Hathor´s easy tokenization tools to grow your business, please apply here to the pilot program run by HTRFDT http://htrfdt.com/ecomm.
  • A new update for our Wallet should be out in the next weeks.
  • An updated roadmap for 2021 is in the works, and we hope to share it with the community as soon as possible.
  • Our community survey is over, and we got great insights out of it. Some news on this front very soon.

Next Snapshot on February

Snapshot will not be the only announcement channel from Hathor Network.

I hope you enjoyed our first edition. I can´t wait to hear your feedback.

Guto Martino
Marketing Manager Hathor Network

About Hathor Network

Hathor Network has been in mainnet since January 2020, experiencing exponential growth in the number of custom tokens, active wallets, and mining hashrate.

For more information, please visit our Website, Twitter, Discord, and Telegram channel.

Hathor Network

A scalable and easy-to-use blockchain for digital assets

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