Hathor Snapshot #2

Guto Martino
Mar 19 · 5 min read
Hathor Snapshot #2 — After hibernation Edition

Dear Community,

It took a while, but I am finally back with Hathor Snapshot, my love letter for the Community covering what happened with Hathor Network during a definite period.

Image by our Community Member Chuck — https://landing.hathor.network/grantprogram2021

Hathor x HOPR

Our first blockchain partnership is out, with HOPR protocol, a layer-0 privacy foundation for anyone to build on.

Yan Martins (Hathor) and Dr. Sebastian Bürgel (HOPR) talk about the partnership

Our team is growing.

Some quite fantastic news on this front for you all:

  • Last month, EyeofCyber started as a content lead for Hathor Network. Cyber is working with writers to create introductory articles to be spread around the web on Hathor.
  • We are pleased to be adding to our fronts our community member Trond Bjoroy, whom you all know as one of the biggest explainers about Hathor Network tech.
  • Trond is a very technical guy and a natural explainer of complicated tech. He will be working with me on the content side, primarily with institutional writing about Hathor Network on our Medium channel.
  • Next week we will introduce our first Community Manager, who will work together with the BlockUnify team. He comes to help us building our view for Hathor in the following years: a genuinely vibrant ecosystem.
  • Expect events (also in videos, finally!), including their introduction to our Community with a Q&A.
  • Heads up: during the event, there will be some longtime asked perks for the attendees. 😎

Hathor kicks off the Local Communities Initiative with the India chapter.


Cathor rises!

Kucoin issues

We are well aware of what users are experiencing regarding withdrawals and deposits on the platform and working relentlesly to have it sorted out.

Next Snapshot: April

Probably this will be my last edition writing Snapshot, but don't worry.

About Hathor Network

Hathor Network is a PoW-based novel distributed ledger architecture using both DAG and blockchain data structures intertwined. Built having in mind scalability, usability, and decentralization, our network uses the HTR token’s unique design to solve significant bottlenecks preventing the broad adoption of the technology.

Hathor Network

A scalable and easy-to-use blockchain for digital assets

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