Hathor Tech Tracking Q3/2021

Marcelo Salhab Brogliato
Oct 1 · 4 min read

Hi Hathorians,

Q4 is just around the corner, and I would like to share the deliverables of the tech team. We delivered a lot in Q3/2021, and I’m very grateful for our engineers’ dedication and superb work. Thanks, folks!

First, a few explanations: The roadmap is our guide to the year. We do our best to estimate when features will be available. Still, it is imprecise, and we have to prioritize new projects according to opportunities that show up. Our top priority is to increase the network’s overall security and bring new use cases running over Hathor’s mainnet.

Q3/2021 was all about network security, infrastructure, NFT tools, and Ledger. You can check the status of the most relevant projects in the image below:

We also made significant progress in Nano Contracts, gaining better knowledge of how it will work, deciding how it will be integrated into our wallets, how it will be presented in our Public Explorer, and how oracles will put real-world data into the blockchain. As part of it, Nano Contracts Testnet is being built to help us test and deliver an outstanding user experience for our community.

Network security is critical for exchanges and use-cases. We delivered mining tools that, among others, led to F2Pool joining us as a crucial ecosystem partner and therefore bringing more security to the whole network. The higher the hash rate, the higher the costs to execute a double-spending attack.

When an exchange or use case integrates with Hathor, they need to build and monitor their own infrastructure. We delivered tools to make running and maintaining a full node easier, reducing operational costs and improving everyday administrative tasks. We also boosted our headless wallet to be easily integrated and monitored, reducing operational mistakes and increasing security and reliability.

Considering the recent explosion of NFT projects building and growing on Hathor Network, we allocated a significant amount of time providing initial guidance for these projects. Our Public Explorer was customized to show NFT’s images, videos, and documents; our headless wallet was enhanced to be able to create new NFTs; and our desktop wallet will have full support for NFTs in the next release.

Our integration with Ledger is a major deliverable for custodians. The whole community benefits from a safer way to store their tokens. Even though we had already developed Ledger integration in Q1/2020, we had to start it over almost from scratch this quarter because our first code used an obsolete version of Ledger’s firmware. Well, it’s done, and we hope you enjoy it! Check it out here.

Besides NFTs, we spent considerable time supporting Exchanges, Individuals, and Companies integrating with Hathor. We prepared guidelines and tutorials for their specific needs. We also developed private projects for them to test their ideas and speed things up. We are looking forward to seeing the success of these use cases after they are publicly released.

Wallet service is being rolled out and is a brand new API that will allow us to empower our wallet with great features, enhancing user experience and making it faster for large wallets. It is under an A/B test in our wallets and should be rolled out to the whole community after it is stable.

Last but not least, the Sync-v2 project is almost finished and is a fundamental enhancement for full node maintainers (e.g., exchanges and use cases). It will allow faster synchronization for new full nodes consuming less CPU and memory.

As you can see, Q3/2021 was very productive, and we made the hardest decision to prioritize our ecosystem growth over Nano Contracts.

Company-wise, we improved our hiring and onboarding processes for Software Engineers. Our team is growing, and we would like to grow even faster. We spent many hours selecting candidates, and we are ready to do even more. Hiring the best people is strategic for us, and it will enable us to deliver more and more.

Finally, I’d like to thank our community, team, advisors, and partners for all your support and such an incredible journey. You’re part of it! I’m very happy with Hathor’s growth, and I wish a great Q4/2021 for all of us.


Marcelo Brogliato
Hathor Labs

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