The Valentine’s Day Murder of Richard Schoeck

It was a bloody Valentine for Richard Schoek when his wife hired a hitman to take him out

Anita Durairaj
Haunted By Crime
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4 min readAug 12, 2021


Richard and Stacey Schoeck (Image Source)

Stacey Schoeck, 36-years old, was having an affair and cheating on her husband, 46-year-old Richard Schoeck.

Stacey worked as the head administrator for a medical practice in Dekalb, Georgia. She met her lover at work and the affair went on for years. In the meantime, Stacey was having second thoughts about being married to Richard.

Richard did not deserve to be treated badly by Stacey. He was a good man. When he first met Stacey, she had already been divorced four times. Richard became her fifth husband.

Richard was a great father and husband. He adopted two of Stacey’s children, got along well with her kids, and even served as a den leader in a Cub Scout troop.

However, none of this was enough for Stacey. She was busy having an affair and soon put into motion a deadly plot to kill her husband. Richard also had life insurance worth $560,000 which Stacey could gain if he died.

To murder her husband, Stacey enlisted the help of her co-worker, Lynitra Ross. Lynitra worked as a medical assistant at Stacey’s workplace.

Stacey confided in Lynitra about her wish to kill her husband. She stated that Richard had been molesting one of her sons so she wanted him dead. Lynitra told her that she could help her get in touch with a hitman.

The hitman in question was Reginald Coleman who was a personal friend to Lynitra. He worked as a personal trainer in his regular job. Reginald did not seem to have any misgivings about the murder plot or being involved in a murder-for-hire.

For compensation, Stacey paid Lynitra about $10,000 to plan the killing with Reginald. The money mostly went to Reginald. Lynitra’s payment for the murder was to live rent-free in a house owned by Stacey.

In the end, all three individuals, Stacey, Lynitra, and Reginald conspired together to murder Richard with Lynitra serving as the point of connection between Stacey and Reginald.