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Emulate: Rihanna’s Pregnancy Street Style

Photos from RockyxRih

Since the moment Rihanna and A$AP Rocky revealed that they’re expecting their first child together in the most fashionably nonchalant way under the Brooklyn bridge, the world has not gone a day without a look that redefines pregnancy fashion.

Maternity wear is something I want to believe all women dread. Stepping out of your fashionista bubble into comfortable but boring … smocks. Tradionally, maternity wear aims to cover up the star of the show (the bump), fuller breasts and any potential weight gain. You can ditch these traditions by staying true to your personal style, especially if it means less is more.

Society has long dictated how women should feel about their bodies, and the last thing pregnant women want is a drab wardrobe. Pregnancy is a journey that many black mothers are becoming more vocal about in terms of commonly shared struggles – so having UGLY clothes the entire journey is yet another cause for discomfort. This is why Rihanna’s pregnancy style — having her tummy out, over accessorising & making sure her iconic heels stay on — is such a bold statement. Like: I really can’t believe no one has simply gone out with their pregnant belly on show before?

Nevertheless, the main message I’ve learnt concerning miss Rih’s pregnancy street-style is how to look good whilst pregnant. Pregnancy street-style will never be the same and I’m here to get you in the loop.

Accessorising down

I think the key factor reminding us that Rihanna is pregnant is how she accessorises down to her navel. Unlike antiquated ideas for maternity wear, Rih-Rih hasn’t steered away from her usual non-pregnant style, so we can’t miss her bump. Her jewellery choices of long necklaces decorate and even draw attention to her tummy, completely contrasting the usual idea of not wanting to show. Rihanna’s adorning a significant moment by accentuating it.

Carefree Carrying

Beyoncé Instagram

Our good sis has incorporated her belly into all her looks, and you can too. Who says crop top are just for flat stomachs, and only during summer time?

By continuing her staple style, including wearing revealing tops, Rihanna has reinstated the idea of sexiness during pregnancy.

The heels stay on

Kim Kardashian Getty Images

Whilst many expectant mothers opt for crocs and trainers, Rihanna has barely dared to be caught in flats her entire pregnancy, no matter the look or the event the heels have stayed on. Fellow Fashionista Kim Kardashian was notorious for wearing heels throughout her pregnancies, swollen feet and all.

High heels symbolise sexuality and power, and pregnancy is when both come together. Rihanna wearing heels throughout her entire career, business endeavours and now during her pregnancy highlight the peak of womanhood.

Photos from RockyxRih

As women often feel like they lose their identity as they become parents, it’s important that we are able to recognise ourselves during a time where our body changes in the most drastic yet amazing way.

Above all, staying true to your regular style reminds us how important fashion is when it comes to reinstating our identities, even when we have a permanent +1.




Beauty, but make it inclusive.

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