HausBots in 2017

As is customary to do, I’m just going to summarise what has gone on this year.

1 speech at the British Coatings Federation annual conference (the trade body for all things paint). We met a load of fantastic people and contacts. Thanks for the support guys, we can’t wait to show you a working product!

Presenting at BCF

1 kickstarter launch. Unfortunately, Thomas didn’t become a reality, but, you live and learn! And, he may make a return someday.

10,000 Cups of tea

Pitched our business at 10 events, in front of 5,000 people.

Launched 2 educational video series- How2Bot and Robot Round up (they’re cool, check them out!)

50,000 video views.

A visit to the Founders Forum.

£30,000 won in competitions. We won the Baldwins Kickstart, a competition for nationwide young entrepreneurs. We’ve had some fantastic support already from the wonderful team and Baldwins and can’t wait for us to build a relationship going forward. We also won the Founders Forum F-Factor. We spent a day at the event, which was full of amazing founders and met the likes of We-Transfer, Kano, Hyperloop along with presenting our idea to a room of accomplished attendees, building our relationships even further. It really was all an invaluable experience.

We reached a few more finals of competitions such as the Nacue Nationwide Pitch and the Institute of Engineering and Technology Presenting Competition.

LOADS of hours spent in the shed making stuff

2 3D printers set up, with another on the way.

1 trip to visit some of the countries leading paint manufacturers

There are far too many people to name thanks to, even if you’re reading this we owe you a massive thank you for being part of our journey.

But I will extend special thanks to:

David Baldwin, David Beckford, John Falder, Sir Charles Dunstone, Pierre-Simon Ntiruhungwa (and all of the Founders of the Future team!), Jim Rowbotham, Simon Aldersley and MANY MANY more!

We can’t wait to make you all proud.

Happy New Year, and here’s to 2018!