The Vision, The Very, Very Big Vision

Our goals are set high, and we are ready to achieve them…

Young Engineer Harry (Harry Smith) has always been the dreaming and scheming type. Starting early, he was the kid who pulled apart his computer because he was interested in how the parts worked, and later saved up to buy a 1970's Land Rover at aged 13, only to pull the whole thing apart and put it back together again.

Because, you know, why not?

At the same time, I (@cornesjack), was trying to make money in anyway I could, trying not doing the same as most teenagers and get a regular job. It started with selling my Grandmas vegetables and fruit in the street, and ended with my last venture Jay Sea Clothing, selling clothes online and at shows and festivals.

Throughout this time, Harry and I always remained friends, bouncing business ideas back and forth, always chatting about what the next thing will be, but never was the right moment to join forces on a project.

Since leaving school, Harry has completed his first year at Loughborough University, studying design engineering. I have completed one year working in the beast that is IBM.

But, continual smashing of heads was always going to produce something, and we still stayed in touch, chatting about more ideas.

And so off the back of Harry completing the first stage of his project, the wall painting robot.

The two of us decided to join forces, to build the first vision of our construction robotics business.

It’s simple, really.

Harry and I love helping people. And so our dream sits perfectly align with that:

Increase the number of affordable houses, by using automation

Achieving that dream comes with a set of robots, all around the construction space, from the painting robot, to bricklaying, we are building towards a ‘GO’ button that builds houses.

The whole idea is fueled by our desire to help out in anyway we can. We really want to see houses springing up to really help people afford their own property, not just larger properties, or no properties at all because the developer can mark a larger margin on the land.

“The number of new households each year has exceeded the number of homes built in every year since 2008”- UK Government

Facts like those above are exactly what we are trying to address and are the problem that we are crazy enough at aged 18 to think we can solve with robotics!

Yes, I hear you… Things like this are being done… But, bare with us, we have a plan!


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