[Onboarding News] PocketGym, a Habit-Forming AppTech Platform, Joins HAVAH Network

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2 min readOct 27, 2023

Greetings! This is HAVAH, the Next-Generation Interchain Platform.
We’re thrilled to announce the onboarding of PocketGym to the HAVAH network.

A Q2E platform called PocketGym makes lifestyle-based recommendations for healthy habits. Users can engage in everyday activities (Quests) that improve their physical and mental health in exchange for prizes (Earn).

Specifically, PocketGym and Samsung Health have been working together to integrate exercise data with wearable devices, providing users with a wide range of well-being services. In order to provide health and fitness content services, PocketGym and Samsung Health have recently strengthened their cooperation, giving even more people access to Pocket Gym’s fitness material.

PocketGym and HAVAH have decided to work together in the following ways:


  1. Offering the PocketGym team assistance with marketing, operations, and technology as they launch their blockchain project.
  2. Enabling transactions on different network markets by using HAVAH’s interchain technology to make it easier to issue PocketGym NFTs on the HAVAH network and other multi-chain platforms.
  3. Working together with mutual communities to facilitate the seamless transition of current Samsung Health mobile app users to WEB3.

Team HAVAH will continue to strive for a future in which digital assets can be used freely and without regard for network constraints.

Thank you.

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