What is HAVAH?

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2 min readJun 2, 2022


Greetings from HAVAH, the interchain NFT playground!

In the last blog post, we looked at some of the limitations that NFT users face, and today we wanted to talk a little bit about the HAVAH project, which offers a way to get around some of these limitations.

Can’t I get more out of my NFTs?

The team started by asking the question of how to make NFTs more useful at the utilization level. We believed that once we found a way to open NFTs up without being restricted in use, we would see a world where each NFT could be used freely while keeping its inherent value. So a multi-company team from 2bytes, ICONLOOP, and Web3 got together to ponder ways to solve this conundrum.

We started by asking more specific questions like “How can we offer NFTs on multiple chains?”, and “How can we create an ecosystem where you can get NFTs from different chains into the same space?”

These questions snowballed into an overall vision which took some time to develop. After much time spent discussing, the team decided to create HAVAH using interchain NFT transmission protocol technology which allowed us to develop it into a comprehensive ecosystem and playground for NFTs.

So, what exactly is HAVAH?

HAVAH Ecosystem

Let’s take a look at the diagram above.
Users who purchase NFTs on their own chains can bring their NFTs onto the HAVAH ecosystem by using the interchain bridge.

By bringing their NFTs onto HAVAH, users get the following benefits.

  1. Show off their NFTs from various chains in one place, and browse other users’ NFT collections.
  2. Use newly minted NFTs in DApps (as game items, etc).
  3. Get a stake in the running of HAVAH by contributing to the ecosystem.

These are the main reasons why we think a user would be motivated to bring their NFTs onto the HAVAH ecosystem, and furthermore, we are preparing a lot of original DApps for you to experience on the platform (which we’ll announce later on).

We still have some major tasks to complete ahead of us, such as…

  1. Set up the mainnet blockchain network.
  2. Finetune the interchain NFT transmission protocol to bridge NFTs from other chains.
  3. Launch a variety of original DApps for users and developers.

All in all, we still have some work cut out for us to create the playground for NFTs that we envisioned.

HAVAH’s big picture

The age of the metaverse and digitalization of assets is coming.We at HAVAH are preparing for the next revolutionary step towards that future, where NFTs have no limit, made possible by interchain protocols.
HAVAH proudly presents the next evolution of the digital asset ecosystem,
a limitless playground for the future of NFTs.

So we invite you to “unleash your NFT in the infinite Metaverse”.

Brand site : intro.havah.io
Twitter : twitter.com/HAVAHofficial