A Book and a Bite.

On the 27th April, we’re hosting our inaugural A Book and a Bite session — a series of informal book-club style events, which take a recent popular book and discuss its themes, whilst giving the audience a chance to hear and question the author.

Our first book is Dan Hodges’ One Minute to Ten. In the book, Hodges brings to life the most dramatic general election campaign in living memory, and tells the untold story of the three men who contested it. And in doing so reveals the price paid by those who risk everything in their quest for the ultimate political prize.

Dan Hodges is a political commentator for the The Mail on Sunday and The Spectator. He previously worked for the GMB trade union and as a Labour Party researcher at the House of Commons.

Contact Steve if you’d like to know more info.
book@havasww.com or 07590 473 085.
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