Havas London launch new Ella’s Kitchen “Veg for Victory” campaign

Children’s food brand Ella’s Kitchen has launched Veg for Victory — aiming to raise awareness of the benefits of starting weaning with vegetables.

The campaign takes inspiration from the Second World War’s ‘Dig for Victory’ and features an online film of Sir Winston Churchill fronting a rousing speech to inspire the next generation of weaners.

The film is supported by similar war-time style posters, with a series of headlines: ‘New Day New Veg’, ‘Ten Tries To Triumph’ and ‘Plant A Love For Veg’. 
 Ella’s Kitchen will be engaging with key stakeholders including healthcare professionals, nutrition experts and MPs to raise awareness of the importance of starting weaning with veg.

Mark Cuddigan, Ella’s Kitchen UK Managing Director, comments: “We know that introducing a variety of veg during weaning helps steer little ones towards a taste for vegetables which stays with them throughout childhood and beyond, with all the associated health benefits.”
 “Sir Winston Churchill was known for his inspirational leadership and we hope this campaign captures his spirit and inspires mums + dads on the benefits of starting weaning with vegetables, whilst also putting a smile on their faces.”
 “This is one of the most ambitious and pioneering campaigns we’ve ever launched and we really hope that other brands, retailers, health organisations and experts will join us in our mission and help spread the message about the benefits of starting weaning with veg.”

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