3 moments, 3 pictures in NYC

After almost 2 weeks in NYC (I cannot believe it), I can say that I am getting used to my new life. What I like about this experience is that it really and truly gets you out of your comfort zone. I have been working @ Havas Media Paris for more than 3 years now. Everything is so familiar.. faces, places, sounds. I call my life here the bubble, because my everyday life is so different from the one I have in Paris. Time flies, so I want to enjoy every single minute of NYC and create as many memories as possible. Here are “3” moments from the week that I want to remember:

Memory #1 — The Announcement

Every month, key people at Havas Media NY present the new budgets that were acquired by the agency. There’s a general excitement (especially because Havas is doing better and better every year) and everyone is here, drinking a beer or a glass of wine listening to Havas Media CEO’s speech. This meeting is also an opportunity to reward some employees for the work they have done. The employees of the month are called up and given a paper for their hard work and achievements. This is something we should definitely do in France because it makes people happy and proud to be part of the company. Also, the summer is when new interns arrive for 2 months; they all make a short video to present themselves and share a fun fact. This is the opportunity to create the first link between the new people and the employees, and for everyone to laugh together.

STEP UP allows employees to be rewarded for their hard work

Memory #2 — Koreen BBQ

I had the opportunity to experience, for the first time in my life, a Korean BBQ with the Affiperf team. They regularly have dinner together and it helps them develop a team spirit. I was really excited and grateful to be part of this (and the food was amazing). Koreatown (K Town) is a different world. That’s what I love about NYC, each street and each area is different; it’s like a parallel world in which everyone is welcome to join. The dinner is the opportunity to discuss our universal favorite topic: food. They tell me about all of the restaurants I need to go in NYC. Fried hot dogs, pizza bagels, make your own Magnum.. NYC is definitely the paradise of food.

Korean BBQ with Affiperf team

Moment #3 — Sunset

Every sunset in NYC is a new show. The colors in the sky in the middle of the streets are something I won’t forget. For me, NYC is the capital of the world. “One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.” Tom Wolfe

Sunset in NYC
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