A Journey Through Toasters, Silverware, Perfume Bar…

Time flies! It’s already week 2, and we’re halfway through the Lofts experience.

I am really getting used to the only 15-minute walk to go to work through Chinatown.

But, I’m also getting used to not answering every time a salesman or cashier person asks, “How are you doing?” at a store. Apparently they’re not really hoping to know if you’re having a good or bad day ;)

Comparisons between my host and home country are easy to make.

The main difference is the size!


In Boston, I have met many people from different departments to understand the big picture and how they operate.

It is a human size agency. Around 100 people here vs 700 in France! The open-space in the office here is definitely way quieter than in Paris ;)

But, I feel that we are doing the same job with similar issues and a very similar day-to-day schedule. It can be surprising, but the way we are structured in France with the connected teams is very close to the Boston office.

Also … people in Boston are amazing!

Since day 1, my mentor Katie, and also Adam, Zack, Ashley, Ware and Anya, are making us feel like part of the team and helping us live the best Boston experience ever (Lunch sessions, project meeting, World Series, Red Sox Parade, NBA Game, trip to Salem…).

Check out this amazing office!

(Used to be the biggest department store in the US! So, every conference/meeting room is named for each previous department: Towels, Silverware, Perfume Bar, Toasters…)


We can go (almost) anywhere by walking! And it is the best feeling. We can discover each neighborhood very easily.

Each neighborhood is different, and each atmosphere is unique.

From fancy, historical Beacon Hill to artistic South end, there’s plenty to do! And still a lot for me to discover :)