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We are all talking about Digital.
My grandparents have warned me about thieves who could borrow my holiday photos…
My mother talks about Digital each time she sends me mms…(sms are not digital but mms yes ok?)
My boyfriend recommends me to add my @handle on decks…(@aurorecrn please join me! always posting food & feet, very interesting).
I can’t talk about THE BIG Digital ERA because my Digital Experience is quite common but I can say that: behind DIGITAL you have plenty DIGITALS, and different ways to work on it.
@ArnoldWorldwide says:
“If the forest is Great Work Works (…), then the trees are the million little tasks we all do (…) on a daily basis to achieve greatness. You know each one of those trees counts (…) and there is an opportunity to do something amazing at every point in that process. Every opportunity has the chance to either sink or elevate a project…”
And that exactly what they are doing!
They don’t treat digital as a whole but work on each touch points in an journey mapping, each channels, each “persona” and are seeking for target’s specific opportunities. Just like we do @LesGauloisParis!
But the big difference is that they have dedicated teams who perfectly know the proper speech that they have to do on each channel.
In my 2nd post, I wrote about the fact that they have a lot of experts working together, and digital is a perfect example. They don’t just have:
> the social team — every daily posts on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Vine/Snapchat
> the digital team — banners, e-mailings, website developers
> the nerds — UX, Creative technologists
They organized their work much more precisely.
You will meet a different person if you ask for social content, influencers’ content, brand content.
Because it’s not the same channel, it’s not the same rules (and they are changing so fast!) nor the same audience. You have to adapt your tone and your content.
And because Digital is a vast world, you have to renew your stories and experiment new things, which also means that you have to push the client out of its comfort zone all year long.
You can’t do this if you’re not passionate…and dedicated !
That may sounds as an evidence for you, when I met Kim, Alex and Ryan I found it very clever.
It may seems obvious but when I met Kim, Ryan and Alex, that seemed revolutionary. (wink to my French people: “C’est peut-être un détail pour vous, mais pour moi ça veut dire beaucoup”.)
And so is digital, never ask banners to the Digital team at @ArnoldWordwide!
The Digital team manages the conception process. They develop big projects, big concepts enabled by technology that Digital creative teams OR Creative Technologist have.
Of course, they work closely with the UX team to provide the best experience possible.
Creative technologists are working with Creative teams or directly as creative teams to think about ideas that use technology to give some experience or to fit some need, or simply to entertain.
Matthew and Brice said to me a very important thing that they used to say to creative teams with whom they work, and I’ll will bring it back home:
“We don’t swipe your ideas for our ideas”.
The DIGITAL is changing so fast.
15 years ago people started to seek for ideas that could seduce people.
Now classical agencies are starting to get more excited about digital stuffs.
Digital projects are like trees, its make the Digital forest, where brand will find everything they need to grow…
Unfortunately it’s always a extra that you cut if you want to save money…



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