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“A place for everything and everything in its place.”

In my first post I told how Arnold agency was wonderful…how Val, Dot, Gail, Ryan, Alex, Nick and Anthony were nice and smart!

For my second post I would like to clarify something: when I said that they were angels, I didn’t mean they’re not human cause they truly are! But what makes it magical is that they are all doing something different and complete themselves. That makes a difference!

You have to know that I’m a big fan of processes!

When I first visited NYC some years ago, I literally fell in love with the fact that sidewalks and stairs have “traffic laws” that means that even when it’s crowded, the traffic stays fluid. In our life it means that even when we are under rush, the work keeps moving.

In here, it’s not about rules and laws, just about common sense and trust. Because people are more involved when they do what they love to do, everyone is a passionate expert.

Because everybody always tries to do what is the best, people trust each other.

You just have to admit that no one can do everything: “Everybody needs somebody (to love)”

There are many different jobs per expertise:

business strategist, digital strategist, integrated marketer, brand planner, project manager, marketing director, account manager, creative teams, UX specialist, creative technologist, social planner for the influencers relationship + for the daily social content + for the related content, print producer, digital producer, developer…

And it’s not about a line work! People actually really work all together.

All strategists will work with creative teams and they both will be in touch with the client at different moments.

I do admit that creative people are in the best position to talk about creation and social strategists when they recommend social campaign because you are able to feel their passion and their knowledge.

Perhaps our clients would be more respectful when faced with people who thought of these strategies and made these creations.

Perhaps our teams would be more involved when facing clients expectations, needs, problems.

Here, you will find rooms full of people working together to get things better, to make things stronger, more impactful and more creative, in a total transparency. It’s not about protection — it’s about comprehension.

Each expert is #HAPPYTOHELP and everything moves faster!

Meetings are about 30 minutes, not more, just the right amount of time to review different subjects: brief/debrief + Q&A and next steps. I thought it was impossible. But in fact, it’s easy:

> because everyone knows their responsibility & there’s no procrastinating

> because Americans are non-smokers, everybody is ready to work (Not French-PROOF)

> because all meetings are about 30 minutes not much more, nobody is EVER late (all right sometimes s*** happens…)

And do not think because everything is calculated and pre-planned that everything is frozen — everyone improvises and does what is needed.

Just another proof that a good organization can do great things!



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