Buenos Aires la belleza

Plaza de Mayo around sunset

You may be wondering, when is Scott going to talk about non-work stuff — what about the city of Buenos Aires itself?

It’s true, I haven’t had a chance to do this great city of Buenos Aires any justice given the amount of info I’ve been absorbing about my host office, the people and their ways of working in fears of making my posts even longer than they already are.

So to compensate, I’ll let my photos do the talking this time. I especially enjoyed the city’s architecture and their incredibly picturesque world renowned cemeteries.

This city has been called the Paris of South America, and soon you’ll understand why…

Plaza Congresso
Engineering Building at the University of Buenos Aires
Conjoined twins
Ministry of Defense
Mausoleum of General San Martín at the Metropolitan Cathedral
A Tigre island home on the Tigre Delta
Metal wreaths at the Recoleta cemetery
Basílica María Auxiliadora y San Carlos
Entrance to the Chacarita cemetery
Jose de San Martin monument at the Plaza San Martin Retiro
University of Buenos Aires
Floralis Genérica sculpture by Eduardo Catalano. It opens and closes everyday.
Peeking inside one of the mausoleums at the Recoleta cemetery

A short ferry ride to Colonia, Uruguay…

1 hour ride across the widest river in the world, Rio de la Plata. 140 miles at its widest point.
Colonia, a town frozen in time

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