Somerset House, on the shores of the River Thames

Business & Football Goals

As I write this, the England national football [Read: Soccer] team has just won its first Euro 2016 match, against UK rival Wales. The Havas London office is abuzz with excitement and most were watching the game on big screens here in the Havas Café. London, and all of England I would imagine, is wired for football. Every pub, restaurant, or public gathering space seem to have TVs drop down from nowhere and the games takeover those who watch. It’s a great comparison vs. America, where only an annual Super Bowl or World Series would capture such attention. I really enjoyed being immersed in it all. Go England!

Intense moments of the England v. Wales game in the Havas Cafe

This past week has been a continued learning experience here in the office. I’ve been assisting with several projects, including working on a strategic positioning presentation for a major nutritional company. We’re working on ways to successfully position them into an emerging market, utilizing best-in-class digital tactics, including harnessing the power of IBM Watson. It’s been beneficial to share the many digital tactics which have been successful within my home agency, Havas Lynx US. The exchange of knowledge here has been fluid and enjoyable, with open discussions and impromptu team brainstorms. You really understand the importance of international programs like Havas Lofts, which enables access to information which would normally be inaccessible to individual Havas teams, especially during causal office conversations which lead to great innovative ideas.

There are several tools and tips which I will certainly be able to bring back to my home agency and many I have been able to share with the London team.

I have a busy week planned ahead, including a trip to Manchester to visit the Havas Lynx EU office, our Lynx sister agency. I’ll be shadowing several teams there, observing how their Village interacts among several other Havas agencies, and hope to also have a Q&A session with Dave Hunt, CEO of Havas Lynx EU. More to come from that on my next blog post.

On a personal note, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the horrific events which unfolded in Orlando this past week. As the news reports started to come out, BBC News was one of the first to report on it within international media during those early morning hours. As the day unfolded, it was a complete shock to what had occurred. There was a level of hopelessness you feel when separated from your home country during such a tragic national event. It was a tough day for everyone.

London showed its complete solidarity, as did most of the world, and I joined thousands upon thousands who gathered in the Soho district the following Monday night to hold a moment of silence, release forty-nine balloons in memory of those lost, and comfort each other. It was a beautifully empowering moment. My thoughts continue to be with all those affected in Orlando and around the world.

London’s Vigil for Orlando in the Soho district — June 13th
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