Bye.. for now!

I didn’t enjoy the lobster roll in Boston. Sacrilegious as that sounds, that’s ok. I guess I don’t like lobsters.

I did however, have a fantastic time on the Lofts program and learned a lot. No kidding. It was so much to take in that it’s going to be very very hard to pin down the highlights. I’ll do my best to be to the point and succinct.

The Market

The scale is so much bigger in America. With such a large and diverse population, and an equally mature media landscape, the sheer investment in advertising dollars amazed me. Some of the advertising was a bit controversial in my book, especially in categories like pharma, debt, credit and legal. This is not something I was accustomed to so it came as bit of a surprise. Free markets and capitalism at its finest I guess.

The City

Boston is charming. It’s one of the friendliest cities I’ve visited. There are so many wonderful places to explore and you could do a lot of it on foot which is pretty incredible given that I was in America. My misconceptions of America being friendly only to those who owned automobiles was blown out of the water. Obviously I’m not generalising. I’ll let the pictures to explain.

And finally,

The Village

I got a view into a future in Boston. A larger agency with a lot more depth in individual departments, especially in Data, Strategy and the speciality units, Ecselis, Affiperf, Mobext and Socialyse. Whilst I sat with the Socialyse team day to day, I had the opportunity to meet with so many talented people across a wide range of specialisms.

I know I’ve made a lot of friends and that’s the best part of the program. Connecting with like-minded folks from across the pond.

Over and out!

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