Can’t stop the feeling!

This may be the most popular song all over the world now, and here in Miami I keep hearing it over and over again everywhere I go and in every Uber I take. This is a happy song, and this is how I feel now, happy.

Although I feel nostalgic because of the ending of this amazing experience, I am smiling for everything that I did, saw and learned here. I’m very THANKFUL (capital letters) to all the people that I’ve met here. Each person that I knew during this month made this experience extremely good. And it couldn’t have been better.

There are things that I’m taking with me, as the Training with María Torío (my coach) and Mashall Morel (Strategy Director) and the work process when approaching a project/study/research that I could see and experience here. Also, I know that I will miss other things, as the beautiful office (snacks included) and, of course, the PEOPLE (capital letters #2).

I was part of this great team for the last month. From left to right: Mashall, Diana, María, Agustina, Luke and Celina.

I can’t finish this post without saying that Miami is a very beautiful city. I had the chance to know new places and…this is the beach:

And the last one, I’ll miss the warm weather. As is summer in Miami, it rains a lot. But then suddenly the sun comes up again.

It’s time to leave. Happy.

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