London: Exploring it, Learning it, Loving it

It’s almost the end of my third week in the beautiful city of London and I am thankful for the experiences, teachings and advice I have received during my time here. It’s true that adapting to a new culture can be complicated, but I am happy for the opportunity to do this, even if it is just for a short time. I love this city.

Havas UK

My main goals in coming to the UK were to:
1) acquire the knowledge of new innovations that allow the business to grow
2) connect with clients
3) understand the behavior of users on social networks

As I mentioned last week, it has been a great experience to see how people are involved in each project and reach an agreement after 15 minutes of conversation; they understand the structure and are familiar with the operations of the market.

Something that I was surprised to find out is that unlike Socialyse, Mobext UK does not work with any social networks. Instead, their offering is the design and development of mobile and tablet applications, mobile sites and landing pages for B2C and B2B to enhance the mobile experience.

These days I have been very close to Sky, an account manager in Socialyse UK, who has involved me in a lot of her projects. The accounts of Royal Mail and Nando’s have helped me understand new market segments and realize that they create their strategies and recommendations according to the behavior of each campaign. This is especially true for Royal Mail, because it is a niche market that has trouble reaching users. It is a great challenge, but also an opportunity to prove that anything is possible.

Daniel Lipman, Business Director, has helped me to understand everything I need to know about Amazon, a global account we have in Mexico as well. I learned about the pitch, how it is being handled today and the projects to come in the future.

I also attended my weekly lecture where I listened and gained useful insights. Then, I went to lunch with my Havas Lofts partner and we shared stories of what we have been experiencing throughout this journey.

Churchill War Rooms, Convent Garden, Victoria and Albert Museum, Hyde Park

Outside of the office, I visited the Churchill War Rooms, Covent Garden, Victoria & Albert Museum and, of course, went shopping in Westfield and Camden Market. Lastly, I went to Hyde Park to enjoy the beautiful weather on Sunday afternoon. I can’t believe there is only one week left…