Final Stage: Paris, emotional hacker.

We are getting to the end. Sniff. This is a tough one. Choosing what to tell, what to express. A few hours until I leave, and a bunch of feelings are playing the Euro Cup in my head.

For a last post — at least as a Havas Lofter — I think it is valuable transmitting some conclusions, bearing in mind I’m still realizing a lot of them. So this time, I will be skipping the meetings and visitings narrations and go straight to the heart of some subjects.

So Different Yet So Similar.

Having in mind my five years working at Havas Buenos Aires, and one month staying in Havas Paris, I ask myself if there is a word to define when two things are so similar and yet different at the same time.

Similar building style, similar time getting to work. Similar creative processes, similar challenges and obstacles. Similar client issues and running out of time. Similar daily work. Different language and salutation. Different humor and jokes. Different volume of voice. Different conception of roles. Different interaction and synergy.

Naturally, most differences start appearing when people are involved.

Which leads us to think that people make the difference. Because people ARE different. Between countries, of course, differences are stronger, but among our partners we probably find differences as well. There lies the importance of communication at the moment of getting creative.

Communication enriches thinking, upgrades work, evolves stronger theories, complements the parts and magnifies the creativity.

We need and must improve our communication

We MOVE with trends, EVOLVE with trends and MAKE trends.

We are no longer “MESSAGE GENERATORS”, we need to upgrade from that concept. We need to go further, evolve our reasoning.

Consumers and their conception of advertisement is not as it was 10 years ago. Nowadays consumers define, excluding creatives and choosing which content they let in. And when we think about a strategy, a concept and in which way we will communicate it; we can’t ignore that.

As if that were not enough, consumers also generate content themselves, even for our brands, and our competition. So we need to keep up with this as well, and learn how to coexist with this user-content-culture and be above circumstances.

Yes, I know.

KISS Principle

Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Working on advertisement implies reasoning, thinking, understanding. There’s a huge world involved in advertising. We can think about it as a complex theme to analyze and decode, but the magic appears when we are able to transform the complex puzzle into a simple matter and express it on a concept.

Its not about taking away attributes and adjectives and having a concept 100% easy to understand for every target. It’s about reaching a concept where nothing else is left to add or take away.

I feel happy that the end of this experience means the beginning of much more. I gained a huge sense of collaboration, a will to learn and discover.

And most of all, I am conscious about the importance of our Village, and how enriching it is to work as a whole.

Achieve a SYNERGY, which is greater than the simple sum of its parts. Means basically, WORK TOGETHER.

Everything comes to an and, but everything leaves a learning, a deep feeling inside and a experience that lasts forever.

#havaslofts there’s not enough words of thanks.

I’m already feeling the smell of my home, planning a huge attack to my dog and really excited to hug my loved ones back in Buenos Aires.

Paris you injected me a moving passion to discover.

I already miss you.

Au revoir.

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