Full Package Week

The first working week has gone by quickly. Once I figured out what was happening around me, bam-bam the weekend was here! I won’t bother you with a long description of how amazing London is on a sunny Sunday, but trust me it is worth it to experience it yourself!

As I am a more of a picture person, rather than text-writer, I will share with you the shots that I took.

Back to the work :) They say Monday is a hard day, but for me it was not. I had an amazing opportunity to participate in Havas Ad Tech week, where so many cool things happened. Obviously, from the naming of the event, you can easily figure out that it was dedicated to modern technologies in the advertising business and how to use them in day-to-day activities.

Starting on Monday, and for the whole week, there were so many nice and interesting speakers giving inspirational speeches about technologies that they use in their products. I am an old school person that still carries a notebook and a pen to meetings, so after every speaker I ended up having written pages and pages of notes. This is a really good sign because it means the event was educational and provided interesting information to the audience. I see these notes as treasures, and I will make sure to bring them back to my home office with me. I am pretty sure that many of the other listeners were sharing my feelings as well, so well done Havas UK!

It is a very cool practice and I would love to have one of these events in our local office. There are so many new things we can learn from each other!

Stay tuned.

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