Creating the future of UX

I like the way my team in New York considers a website or an app as a DIGITAL PRODUCT, trying to find a reason to believe in this product, trying to build robust features not for the fun of it but because users deserve it. It is such a painstaking, involved and talented team. I’d like to honor them.

We start everyday with a Daily Scrum. The objective of this meeting is to identify blockers. David, our producer, is here to solve all issues that can hinder the project and to find quick solutions to make the planning as fluid as it can be. Thank you David !

Ziya is our Experience Director. The coolest thing is that he always encourages us to think big and stay hungry about digital things. He is open to all that is new. He is not afraid to face the unknown: new tech, different strategies, unusual ways of doing and working… And I like the way he considers User Experience: neat, direct and delightful.

You need Ux resources? Call Pauwel the Ux director! Everyday he keeps delivering great resources: world-class live design events in New York, documented tips about responsive strategies, or online apps to fluidize the process.

Scott is our product director and service designer. He is always a step ahead and anticipates everything: from the creative side to contents, features, mark-up integration, interactions… He’s so experienced and skilled to reconciliate and find the right balance between business needs AND user needs.

Our project manager, Michael is always available to make us comfortable: he takes care of our logistics, always has a positive point of view about what we’re doing. He’s always willing to help you gain time.

Gonzalo is a very talented visual designer, always here to give a hand, suggest visual or graphical references that can enhance the project. He’s good at branding, good at visual design, good at digital design, but one thing is weird about him… he’s the only Spanish guy I know who doesn’t care about soccer!

Terry is our account manager. She’s so experienced, calm and confident! She always has a kind word for us. She makes us feel like she can face any situation with clients!

Steve is our tech lead. Besides being funny and having a lot of humor, he’s competent and attentive to all our technical needs and blockers. He’s always positive and available for an unexpected meeting to discuss a last-minute feature and to find realistic solutions.

Another very cool thing is that the Havas Lofts Program enabled me to work with my BETC mate Mathieu in a different way than what I’m used to. We work as a real binomial merging strategic concerns, experience, interactions and visual concerns.

I think we are a very efficient team, crystalizing what I personally consider to be the future of Ux: this is not a skill in itself, a job, or a craftmanship anymore. It is the meeting point/moment/place of strategy, UI and contents. This kind of team should be broadened to tech in the future.